Question about the dining plan?


We are DVC members and have always purchased the TIW card as oppsoed to adding the dining plan. We have as hort stay at the BW this January follwoing our Disney cruise and considered the possiblity of adding the dining plan. If we are staying at the BW 3 nights (Thurs-Sat) and leaving to fly home late Sunday would we get the daily alloted meals for 3 days or 4?


You will get three days of meals. It goes by how many nights you are staying.


You could always buy the plan for the three days and then purchase food for Sunday? Might save you some $$$ in the long run.


You get meals according to how many nights you are there. 3 nights/4days is 3 tables, 3 counters and 3 snack credits per person… Its plenty of food. I honestly prefer the counter plan. With a short stay it may be the better option for you. Instead of doing the meals, you can focus on the parks and just get some counter service meals. It’s 2 counter and two snacks per night, per person…entire party gets a refillable mug.


Do you get the mug with the regular dining plan?


Nope you do not get the mug with the regular dining plan.