Question about travel agents


disney just wined and dined 575 travel agents this week,does anyone still use this system when they travel?


Yes we still do, because they can get you better deals at times.


no we do not usually… not going to Disney, anyway…


We usually book our own trips no matter where we go.


I’ve enjoyed using Mouseketrips because then I don’t have to worry about keeping on top of the deals. The money part is stressful for me, and I know if something better comes along they will rebook me at the lower price.

I get to plan everything else to an obsessive degree, and that is the fun part.


I booked with Mouseketrips for my November trip, because they told me about certain discounts I could use that I wasn’t able to find on Disney online.


We used Mouseketrips the last time and we will use them for now on, they are so good. We still get our own plane fares because it easier for us to do.


I to always use AAA till they started charging me for EVERYTHING under the sun! I will be booking my own trip from now on.
Another thing, AAA can’t enter all web-sites from their computers. I would have to call my agent and give her the pass codes form Mousesaver myself :huh:


Hmm…been on 3 trips to WDW in the last 10 months…AAA booked one for me, I booked one myself and I used a Disney Travel Specialist for the 3rd…I like booking myself, but the TA I have used several times does a great job of communicating with me, making great ADRs, giving me daily planning suggestions, etc…AAA is good, also. But, I only use AAA if the only discount I can get is the AAA discount. So, it pays to do some checking yourself and comparing what is out there…


we book through USAA, thy do all the calling and dealing its great


interesting,thanks for input,i try to do everything myself,but will use costco for disney cruise,give everything disney gives and sizeable costco cash card…usually more generous than cash back offers by travel agents