Question for January People


Thank goodness we are back to going to WDW in January! I hope the crowds are as light as I remember them being in our previous January visits. Those that have been going in January lately, for our Sunday I’m debating between MK & Epcot. Is MK still kinda crowded on the weekend from the locals this time of year too? I’m hoping not b/c MK has extra evening hours and someone in our party does not have park hopping on their tickets–so it’s not like we could do Epcot for the early part of the day and MK for the evening.


JMHO…but Go to MK!!! I think it will be ok. I don’t think it will be bad right now because the hotels are not full. And isnt the EMH for MK on Sunday night? Most locals will have to work the next day, and will be on their way home (like we will be, lol).


No matter what, the MK is not going to be as busy as school holidays, so go for it!


I was wondering the exact same thing. But I’ve decided to go for it, and so the second half of Sunday Jan 22 straight through the EMH’s, I’ll be at MK :mickey:


There’s still quite a few folks on property right now (I noticed thanks to work) but it’s not elbow to elbow and many attractions are walk on. Wanna do MK? GO MK! Crowd levels be darned!!!


I say go MK too!! January always seems like a nice time to go and wish I could still go during those “slow times”." Enjoy it and whatever you decide it will be a blast!! You are going during a VERY good time!!


MK is crowded on Sundays. But you can manage it if you plan well. Have fun!:mickey:


I’ve done MK on a Sunday in value season and did not feel crowded at all.

BUT you will find EMH to get very crowded at MK. In fact, on our last January trip, the ONLY time we had lines was during MK’s evening EMH. After that, we skipped EMH altogether.


I have been in January the past two years. And EMH does tend to make the parks more crowded, even during value season. Just think of it like this: Even if resorts are only half full, with 21 resorts on property, not counting the Downtown Disney resorts, that is still alot of people. We could definately tell a difference in attendance levels based on which parks are EMH. Our strategy quickly became, which park is EMH, go to any other park that day. If you have a choice, consider it. If there is no other choice and this is the only time to go to MK, then don’t worry about it, go and have fun. Wish I was going this year in January!


I think you should stick with MK, and enjoy the full day with EMH. Yeah, locals will be there, and EMH WILL increase the crowd level, but, you’ll still be at the MK!!! In January!

Isn’t January the most fabulous time to be there?

I hope you enjoy it!