Question for moms or dads


I would like your feedback on something my dh and I are thinking about. In 2004 we started collecting disney pins. Mostly from e-bay, but also lots from wdw. We never traded, just bought for our enjoyment. Well, as it happens for many, we got sick of it and haven’t bought any since early of 06. We are hanging on to some that are worth something, not much, but more than what we paid for. We were thinking of taking the pins we no longer want to wdw in Dec. and giving them away to kids that have pins hanging around their neck. Now the question (sorry it took so long). Would you as parents think it strange to have a complete stranger offer your kids pins, free? We will never offer without a parent present. We just want to do it in a casual way, not sure how yet, but don’t want to scare anyone. What do you think?


I think that’s a wonderful idea. I also think it may be hit-or-miss with parents…I am the type of person who would love to do something like that, so I wouldn’t think twice if someone else did it for my child.

Now if you were talking food of any sort, that of course would be different and would raise some eyebrows. :laugh: But a pin? I don’t see the harm in that at all.


To be honest as a mom of 2 I think spreading the Disney magic is AWESOME. There are some kids that would love to have pins and the parents either 1) cant afford the 12 something per kids and per pin or 2) doesnt know what they are all about. I would think that was super but thats me. When we go to chuckie cheese I always want to get out f there so we give away any tokens left over or tickets the kids cant use…


I think that is a wonderful idea. It is a sad day when a small gift of kindness cannot be taken as it is intended. I say go for it… make a kids day!


I think its a lovely idea and will go donw a treat with alot of families, if it makes it any easier, get chatting to families in ride or store lines and pass them on that way, it might make some people feel more comfotable.


I think it’s an awesome idea! Kudos to you for thinking of it. And, I think, at WDW it would be accepted by most, if not all, parents. Like dznygrl said, food might be perceived a little differently. But I think a lot of parents would be touched by the generosity of a total stranger, and the kids would be thrilled! It’s the magic of Disney once again . . . :happy:


I haven’t done the trading thing…but you could always start off like you are going to make a trade and then say you are just going to give it to them and they can keep the one they were going to trade.


I’d prefer it be prefaced with a quiet question to me: “Is it okay if I give your son a pin?” Presented to me, for him, I’d think it was really nice. But even if I’m there, just asking my son directly would not be okay.


Wow, especially for kids who don’t have a lanyard full already!!!



There’s no better place than WDW for spreading the magic. I can’t see any parent objecting, as long as they are there with the child. I’d just give them (the parents) a quick explanation that you’re “down-sizing” your stuff. Everyone understands that. And I bet you’ll get WAY MORE enjoyment than anyone!


OMG! Spreading pixie dust by gifting pins is a wonderful idea. I do think it would be a good idea (think it was Andrea) to address the parents and ask for the “ok”…that is so very sweet and I am sure it will truly make your trip even more magical…:happy:


I wouldn’t mind at all either! Maybe strike up a conversation with a family on the bus or monorail, see if they’ve ever pin traded and offer a pin or 2 to start them out. Depending on the child’s age, they’ll remember it forever.
A few years ago a lady in Epcot stopped my daughter (then about 9 or 10yo) and asked to trade a pin. DD was hesitant (it was a set she was trying to complete), but the lady explained it was her last day in the parks & she only needed one more pin to complete her set and would trade any 2 off her lanyard for DD’s one. She got a couple of really cool pins and still remembers the story to this day…and the pins she traded for. BTW…she completed her set by trip end.
The kids also remember special CM’s randomly giving them pins. So your actions will be long remembered too I’m sure! What a sweet way to spread the magic!


I think it’s a nice idea. I would be fine with it as long as the person approached my child while I was standing there. I have walked up and handed kids random baloons and stuff at WDW before and they were all accepted with thanks and no freakish looks. I think you should strike up a conversation with the parent and then just ask if it’s ok. Sweet idea that is going to make a little pin trader really happy.


I think this is a really nice idea. I would definitely appreciate it if it was offered to one of my children so long as I was present. WDW just lends itself to giving and happiness. Go ahead, spread some pixie dust :wub:


I think it is a great idea and say go for it. It would be great even for the kids that don’t have pins yet…(I know some parents don’t even know about the pin trading/collecting:blush: …saying that from experience…I had no idea until I got back from our first trip)
Just think of all those kids that don’t get those magical moments from some CM’s or get a ‘dream’…that will make their day!


I think it would be like recieve a very special gift from someone.


I think it would be a neat thing to do. I agree you should do it with the parents there, and maybe strike up a conversation first. One way you could approach it would be to make it a bit like a game. Maybe you ask the child a trivia question about their favorite movie/character/character on their shirt/etc or something about the park/attraction they are at. Then, you could give the pin as an award or ‘parting gift’ if the child answered incorrect (or you could just ask another question until the child got one correct). It might make it a little less awkward than just “here’s a pin for you”.

Prezcatz Paul


I think that’s very generous you!! As long as you ask the parents I think it’s ok.


I think it’s a WONDERFUL idea! I, too, think you should ask the parents if it is OK to give them the pin, and then work your magic from there! I really think it would make someone’s trip! YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!


:heart: I love your idea and think you are so generous, there are not many people like you around.

I agree with many others- give them to someone you have got talking to on the bus, monorail, shop’s Que or for rides and shows. your act of kindness will be greatly received of that I’m sure.:heart:

They say it is better to give than to receive.