Question for New England area MBers


Hi all,

I am helping my cousin plan her trip for next April and I am finding that airfares are insanely expensive for the week she is going. She is going to be going during the week of school vacation up here (April 19-April 26) so I know it is a busy time with lots of New Englanders headed to visit the mouse.

I’ve never taken a trip at school vacation time myself and wondered if any other MBers had gone during April Vacation and what your experiences were with airfares. I had been thinking that the fares would go down as we get closer but when checking available seats on some of the flights, there seem to be a lot of already sold seats so I am not sure. The cheapest flights I’ve found so far are in the $500-$600 range which is crazy for flying Boston to Orlando.

Anyone have any experiences with airfare this time of year?


I’m not from New England, but have gone in april (easter) for a school break. I saved a bundle on airfare by flying out on easter day…go figure. It was insanely crowded, so I hope this isn’t her first trip to the mouse.


It is her first trip but she is adament about not going in the summer (too hot) and not taking the kids out of school so it has to be on a school vacation. I am hoping it won’t be as crowded since Easter is at the end of March.


Try talking her into the last week of august or at least take control of her vacation and make her a touring plan. If you need help with this or she wants some guidance with this, pm me and I can help.


Spring Break is such a crowded time for a first trip (or any trip), she’s setting herself up for a potentially unfulfilling vacation. She’s going to have to do a lot of planning to make it work and she’s going to have to make alternative park plans for when attractions are crowded.

Dana has the right idea, the end of August would be so much better.


Thanks Dana and Laura. Trust me I have tried talking her into the end of August many times. She has been planning for this trip for about 2 years and I started trying to sell her on late August back then. She is set with her dates and will not change.

I actually went to her house today to help her make some choices. Fortunately she has handed over complete control of her planning to me, so I will give her lots and lots of touring advice. I will probably PM you at some point, Dana to get some advice.

I did check today to see what they were saying on crowd levels for that week and they actually aren’t so bad (the two weeks before are much worse) so maybe she will luck out.


Oh my! I would ONLY book with the discount airlines from here. They have super bargains to Orlando. Hang on and wait for SW or JetBlue, don’t book now with the regular airlines.