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i’m in school right now and i thought of this question and had to ask rowdy before i forget when i go home. i would send a PM but the browser would not load right. also, i thought this question might come in handy for others as well: rowdy, i’m majoring in early childhood education with a dual certificate in elementary education. just recently, i was told i should go work for disney and that thought has been stuck in my head since then. i was wondering what could i possibly do in WDW with these degrees? is there any kind of career in WDW that would make my degrees come in handy? i’m also majoring in psychology as well. what could i do in WDW with a psych degree in case the education degrees don’t fall through? thanks rowdy for your time.


OK, not only is it weird that you live practically down the street from me but I am ALSO doing my master’s at Kean University in Early Childhood right now. One of the suggestions I would give to someone with this major would be the “manager,” “director,” or whatever the position is called in the childcare centers at Disney resorts. Like “Simba’s clubhouse” at AKL, I think MANY resorts in WDW have these now and I know with my master’s in ECE this would be GREAT!

Also, what about the castmembers that organize and run the “child” excursions, like the Pirate Adventure thing for children 4-10, etc…


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Wish, when are you at Kean?!?!?! I live about 10 minutes away, maybe we can meet up!


I have always wondered this too. I teach first grade and have a degree in early childhood and elementary education and a master’s degree in elementary education. I would love to retire from teaching in about 8 years and head south. I wonder what I could do there??? Some CM’s must have some ideas for us.


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Tragic, I’m sure there is some sort of child care facility, probably quite a few of them. Oh that would be so great, being a teacher or care giver in WDW!!!


Hey tink. I try to avoid going to the main campus at all costs, hehe. I have actually been doing my classes at the outpost in Wall and on-line. Although, it looks like I may be forced to finish up some classes on main campus this summer or fall so I will DEFINATELY keep you posted. I live at exit 114, so the Kean campus isn’t exactly “'round the bend,” hehe.


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TRAGIC AND WISH AND TINKERBELLE… I live right up the street from you too!!! (OK, it’s the GSP and its like 150 miles up the street, but hey! Family is family right?)

We need to have a WoD party in NYC soon!


There are so many of us DC’er’s here in Jersey, we should really plan a time and date to meet someday, that would be so much fun.


I just wanted to pop in and comment too… I’d love to get an answer to this. By the time I retire from the Air Force in 2017 I will have my masters in History Education. I’d love to get a job as a historian at WDW…or something like that.

Also, my wife’s cousin is going to school at Kean too… She even got JD a Kean sweatshirt.

I’m not in Jersey, but in Delaware, so I’d love to get together for some kind of East Coast DC meet…



Party in Cape May!!!

Or how about all going to Bar Anticipation at Belmar Beach???


I was thinking a night in Atlantic City.


How about Kelly’s in Neptune City?


I don’t know it, but I LIKE IT ALREADY!!!

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