Question if they have free dining


How hot is it at this time vs October.

If they offer free dining, a person could stay an extra day or two and still spend less. But what is the weather like. I realize you are more in Hurricane season, but how often has anyone really been affected.

Is it rainer because of the humidity?

It seems to me like the people who go for the free dining go back each year, so is it really worth the savings?


September is still hot and it can be very rainy. I would go if I could because the weather isn’t much different from July/August when we normally go.


It is hotter than October for sure. I have done both OCtober and August and can honestly say the heat is WAY more intense, but completely workable if you do it right. My Dd and I tour hard core in the morning and take our breaks about lunch time when the heat is at it’s most intense. We come back out for dinner and tour more at night when it’s cooler. You just have to take breaks, keep hydrated and don’t push yourself to hard. Yes, it rains a bunch, but for like a hour or less most of the time…sometimes only twenty minutes or so. The rain is actually welcomed and cools it off a bit. All that said, if I had the choice (I don’t cause I can’t take DD out of school anymore) I would go in October. I just like it more and would rather pay more.


September can fluctuate between painfully hot and moderate. August is the hottest month in the south so September gets a lot of its “leftovers”. It can be hot and very humid or hot and very dry. But the mornings can be nice and the evenings can get kind of cool. (For Florida) October is nicer, but it’s not so much of a difference that I would skip free dining if you could go at either time.
Also, the hurricanes are a factor. The reason WDW started free dining was because in 2004 or 2003 I can’t remember Fla. was pretty much hit constantly with (smallish) Hurricanes and people stopped coming. However, WDW is pretty far inland that you don’t have too much to worry about (high winds and lots and lots of rain) and Disney does take care of their guest to ensure that everyone is safe. However, I don’t think they’ve had a problem in the last few years


We have been at WDW through several small hurrricanes and the safety proceedures and instructions are first class- I have never felt at risk at a Disney resort.


We went Sept '06 it was hot, but not unbearable hot. Was hotter last year in Williamsburg in August.

I am hoping for free dining too.


I also think that free dining creates more crowds. We went the first year they offered free dining in September, and it wasn’t too bad. The next 2 years were much more crowded during free dining, and I think it’s because Disney did a really good job of marketing the free dining offer. I would rather skip the free dining just to avoid the people! However, it is looking like August or September might be the better time for us to go this year because of family issues, so if we get free dining, I’ll gladly take it and just deal with the crowds.