Question on dining plan?


When the kids order off the kids menu, Do they get an apperitzer, entree, desert and drink?
Are they allowed to get any drink?


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Yes, they get everything the adults get but it has to be off the kid’s menu when available. They can get any basic drink they want but not the more expensive speciality drinks.


That is going to be a ton of food!!! I’m glad my 2 year old didnt get the meal plan.


It is a ton of food. We used the dining plan in May and we were stuffed. I passed on dessert more than once because I just couldn’t look at more food. A couple of times we gave our dessert to a family at a near by table.


I just got back and we used the dining plan. I had to pace myself so I could hold dessert. It’s so much food, and some gets wasted, but just think of all the things you get to sample! I know yesterday we did end up giving a brownie to a nearby table at Pecos Bill. They were so happy to get another one.