Question on Disneyland


We’re thinking of going to San Francisco next year. I looked up and Disneyland is 6 hours away. If we went down to Disneyland, how many days would be needed. In comparison, you need about 4 days to do all of Disneyworld - and to me that is rushing it. I understand Disneyland is smaller, but those of you who have been there - how does it compare, and is it worth the 6 hours trip (Yea I know, DUH)


If your a Disney fan, which lets face it your here so you are, it is definitely worth the drive. How many days you will need all depends on the time of year that you go. I have been there many of times in the summer or for spring break and the place is packed. During those times 2 to 3 days would be my suggestion. We were just there in February though and there were so few people, we could have easily done both parks in 1 day. In the 3 days we spent there we did a lot of the rides 3 and 4 times.


Well, if you only need 4 days to do all of WDW, then I guess you only need 2 for all of Disneyland (using the day per each park method).

For a more comfortable pace, I’d suggest 3-4 days. That way you can get everything in and don’t have to beat yourself if you miss Fantasmic or World of Color one night. :laugh:


I can do the “highlights” of DW on the 1 park/day method, but I really liked the time we spent 8 nights - 8 days in the parks. Took all at a slower pace. So I was figuring probably the 1-2 days. We’ll probably only have about 9 days for our whole trip to CA


Two days for Disneyland, one day for DCA! You’ll get to double up a bit at Disneyland, but it’ll be worth it.

Also: Six hours away is VERY optimistic. I just mapped it- they’re saying 40 minutes for the last 40 miles between LA and Anaheim… and :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

It’s never taken me less than an hour… and at the wrong time of day it took me 2.5 hours. So just be aware. :happy:


You could away take the train down. That takes about 6 hrs while driving is more like 8 to 10 hrs if you drive it. I drove that a number of times and it depends on the time you leave. I never made it from SF to MK less than 8 hrs. One time it took 14 hrs.


I about fell out of my chair when I saw the 6 hour estimate. Not if you are driving!!!
With regard to the parks…I’m the type of person who wants to do EVERYTHING in each park at least once, so I’m probably not the best person to advise…but…here goes anyway. lol I’d say 2 days minimum for DL and 1 for DCA…but…I’d still really like 2 in each…or 3 DL/2 DCA…wow…I keep adding days…see…I’m terrible.

Never mind the above advise…it isn’t good at all.:blink:

OK…now…all that aside. It really depends on the type of Disney touring person you are. If you MUST do everything than one day in each park is not going to cut it. If you don’t care about doing it all-rides/shows/parades/other attractions…then you can do it in two days…but you’ll be missing many things. If you have the time to spare…I’d say at least 2 days in DL and one in DCA will get you good coverage of what DLR has to offer;)


Even Snow White? 'Cause Snow White blows.



Depending on the crowds I think 1 day at each and you could do most of everything that you would like to do. With the parks being right next to each other it certainly helps too. I was able to see just about everything and ride everything I wanted to in 1 day but I was by myself.


As a Disneyland frequent visitor, and having driven North many times, you are being generous with six hours. I would actually recommend using SouthWest or JetBlue to fly down instead of making that drive. You will be much more able to enjoy the park than making the drive down as well as the drive up. Unless, of course, you make a full day of it each way, and make the necessary stops at points of interest. :happy:

That being said, 3-4 days is enough to get the Full Disneyland experience. :pirate:


I’ve done it all in one day by myself, too. But I think you have to really know the park to accomplish that.


[QUOTE=Andrea;1071295]Even Snow White? 'Cause Snow White blows.


lol…yes…even Snow White…and Pooh!:pinch:


No Way! I once met someone who once “liberated” the poisoned apple from the Snow White ride in Disneyland. Not that I ADVOCATE such actions. :glare: And some of us LIKE the Winnie the Pooh ride. :pirate:


I actually was giving this a thought when being told how far it would be. We could fly to San Francisco, do our touring there, the fly to “where” and do Disneyland, then fly home from there. Now if we chose to do that. Where do you fly in to and do they have something like ME to get from airport to hotel, and what hotels are recommended?

Geez, this is getting detailed!


It took awhile but disneyland,has almost packed into 2 parks,alot of what WDW has,the thing about DLR…is mostly its about the parks,while WDW is about the whole resort,…world of color ,a must as is the original fantasmic,and the fireworks at DLR are a must…3-4 days for the full experience…


Fly into SNA.

There is a Disneyland Bus, but it’s not Disneyland-operated. I’d make a reservation with Super Shuttle. It’s fast and easy and fairly cheap.

As for where to stay? The Disneyland Hotel, of course. :wub: Grand Californian is even nicer and pricier. Otherwise, there are plenty of what they call “Good Neighbor” hotels that are just fine- but look at a map because some are an easier walk than others.


I’m so excited to dee this thread, because I just booked the Disney Grand California Hotel for September 30 - October 4th how are the crowds then? I’m doing a similar trip, I’ll be staying San Francisco for 4 nights, then traveling to Disneyland, but we decided to spend two nights by San Simeon so we could do some of the Hearst Castle tours before we go to Disneyland. After spending 4 nights in Disney we are continuing to San Diego. If anyone has suggestions for specific things we should see and do and suggestiond for restaurants in and out of Disney it would be grreatly appreciated.


I’d say that you’d need two full days to see it all.
We did one evening in Downtown Disney and One Full day split between Magic Kingdom and California Adventure and we did a lot but we didn’t see everything…and we didn’t have any kids with us.:happy:


I have driven from San Fran to Disneyland and from Yosemite to Disneyland. It’s a long six hours and make sure the last two hours are between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00am. We have gotten stuck in LA traffic (two hours through downtown) during rush hour and evening hours. A.M. is best.

I have also driven from San Simeon to Anaheim which was quite a days drive (with the tour of the castle and the drive back.) Whew!

Bring the DVD player and the GPS.

It worth the distance and time for the average Disney addict.

Also, avoid all highways to the beaches on Friday evenings. You can see your gas gage move but traffic doesn’t.


I would suggest two days in DL and one day in CA. You need to be able to see the attractions that are different or not available at WDW. That being said, the shows are a big part of the differences, namely World of Color, the fireworks, and Fantasmic. It is difficult (but not impossible) to see two of these shows in one night. If you want to have a great experience and see all of these without running to get to the next show you need three days.

If you choose to do two days then you can go to the early show of WOC and hurry back over to DL to see the late show of Fantasmic and sit and wait while the fireworks happen over the castle (you have to fight the crowd waiting for the fireworks). Or you can watch the fireworks in the hub (make sure you sit near the Frontier Land entrance) and sprint to New Orleans for the second show of Fantasmic (this is a form of cow hearding - make sure your kids are close and holding on).