Question on landyards


Can you not buy landyards anywhere except for WDW? The disney store in the mall does not carry them and there only a few on ebay… Does anyone know where we can get them?


If you are looking for Disney lanyards I think your choices are pretty limited. They are all over the parks but I don’t think I’ve seen them any place else. You can order them from WDW if you need them before you go, the number is 1.407.363.6200


Or you can order one from Ginger…


Yeah, I can absolutely get one in the parks for you and ship it to you if you can’t find what you are looking for online. They have some really cute ones now. My personal favorite is the pirate one. :pirate:


There’s a pirate lanyard? Is this new because I missed it in May?


Yeah, I think it came out around the same time as the movie and all the other hoopla. It’s black and has white skulls and crossbones on it. I love it! I almost bought one the other day, but decided to wait since I just bought me a pin book/bag instead to carry all my trader pins.


That sounds very cool. I think my DS would love it but he just got a new one in May and doesn’t really NEED a new one.


U can also get some at claires at the mall. they have Disney characters on them. If you want to have official Disney on it get a the parks.


Lanyards with backstage passes and credentials on them, where have I seen that before? Hmmm, I wonder?


Here’s my lanyard and my trader pins.I forget where Mom got the lanyard though…


The new Pirates lanyard is definitely way cool!

We have never been able to find good pin lanyards anywhere but Disney. Even if you’re willing to settle for a non-Disney lanyard, most of them don’t have the wide comfortable bands that hold pins so well. I would recommend ordering from Disney or having Ginger pick one up for you! :mickey:


I ordered it from disney catalog.


Does anyone have a picture of the pirate Lanyard?


I will take a picture of it the next time I go to the Pin Station in DTD or wherever I see it next.