Question on MNSSHP


DD will be going. We did the party in 2008 but I don’t remember a couple questions she asked.

She wanted to know if they had extras like the Christmas party (cookies and hot chocolate)

I remember you got “treats” in various areas, and special characters for pictures, the parade and special fireworks show, but what other things happen?


We did the party two nights ago and had a great time. You pretty much have the just of it. LOTS of candy around the park. A few different dance parties which my kids love, they danced with Woody, Jessie, Stich and Goofy. So much fun to see everyone dressed up.


We did it a couple of weeks ago, and yes, there are plenty of treat stops ( marked on the park map too) but I dont recall cookies and chocolate? Great parade, great characters too.


DW and I prefer MNSSH over the Christmas Party! Plenty of candy! Atmosphere like no other! Costumes are fun! Love it, love it, love it!


So nice to have a big party going on, but still feel like you have the park to yourself! Love the special parties!


Did this a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it! There are a few treat stations located around the park and one opens up outside Magic Kingdom at the end of the night. Tons of characters are out and about so its a great chance to get some pictures. We also seen a lifesized Cinderella carriage which I was desperate to get a picture with but the queue went on and on and on and on…It’d have probably taken half the night just to get the one photo! There where 2 or 3 dance stages set up which were great fun! Villians meet and greet was great, especially the show they put on before it! Hallow-Wishes is always amazing! The parade has been updated with a MOST delicious Jack Sparrow making and apperance! swoon

Also, alot of photopass photogrpahers where doing special shots just for the party, mostly around Haunted Mansion! So make sure you get a few of those!