Question on pre-trip packet


I just received my ME booklet and tags, but nothing else. I thought in years past I had received all of our stuff in one pack, luggage tags, ME booklet, Photopass info. Maybe I am just forgetting.

Will I receive another package with our luggage tags and photopass card? Really want to buy the photopass cd early at a discount.


As far as ME, you should have a packet hanging on your resort door the night before you check out. This is for the trip back to MCO from the resort.
Photopass came in a separate mailing. I just got it this week.
If you’re concerned, call Disney.


We got ours separate. The ME yellow tags came first and the other packet was less than a week behind.


I am going in 3 weeks and received my ME tags about 2 weeks ago then the rest of my Disney documents came about 10 days later with my Disney Photopass card. Given you are 30 days out you should receive your paperwork this week.



We didn’t recieve any offer for the prepurchase photo pass cd in any of our packets, but I was able to buy it via the following link. Hope this helps! Can’t beat the price, considering it’s $14.95/picture and $150 for the CD if you purchase after you return.

Disney’s PhotoCD Pre-Arrival Savings Offer