Question on restaurants


Hi need opinions… we have california grille and coral reef booked for septmeber looking at the menus Im not completely sure on how good they are… what do you all think if you had the choice between either one of those or captain jacks in ddd would you trade either and if which one…

what do you think of captain jacks all on its own… what about raglan road im looking for one more nice place for june it will be DD dh and i … dd on college program only gets three nights with us… we already are booked for ohanas and garden grille [ her request Im looking for one more night to take her out to a good dinner… she wanted crystal place but we eating BF there her choice again…


I would definitely go with Caifornia Grill. They have fantastic food and a great view, best of both! If you like sushi…this is the place!

I unfortunately did not have a great experience at Coral Reef, service or food, so I can’t recommend it based on my experiences.

As far as a DTD restaurant, Captain Jacks was just mediocre IMHO, but Raglan Road has been getting some really great reviews and sounds like it might be a good choice. I have never been there, so hopefully some others can comment on their experiences, because we also plan on going there on our next trip.

We have always enjoyed Wolfgang Pucks Cafe on the Westside in DTD if you want to consider another option. They have great food and a wide variety for everyone.


I would have to go with California Grill as well. I thought the food was very good (although it does change pretty often) and the view of the fireworks over MK is fantastic.

DTD has a good variety of restaurants. I’ve eaten at Bongo’s twice and really liked the food for a change from the normal.


I would also agree with everyone. Depends on what time you are going also. Coral Reef is really good too. Sorry I am so wishy washy!


I have read some good reviews on Coral reef but I’m sad to say we had our worst meal there. The service and food were both bad, it’s the only WDW restaurant I’ll never go back to again.

We ate at Wolf Gang Puck’s in December and I can’t wait to go back in July.


We ate at Raglan Road when it first opened and we really enjoyed it. The food was really good!


Mixed reviews on Coral Reef. I haven’t had a bad meal there, but, there are definitely better meals to be had at Epcot. California Grill is exceptional.


The only really really bad meal that I have had was a Marrakesh. It was terrible. I mean so bad that I had to send my meal back 3 times. I am not very picky either.


I have to take up for Coral Reef…I love it! On my first visit we had excellent service and the food was really good. Cali Grill is also awesome! Both are excellent choices in my opinion!


I also have never had a bad meal at Coral Reef, but they’ve cut back on menu choices there since the MYW dining plan was introduced (they all have). It is more interesting than Cap’n Jack’s, which is a really boring menu (but does offer a twin lobster tail dinner, a rarity on the dining plan). California Grill is two credits, not one, please keep that in mind(we’ve eaten there 6 times now). I’ll add another vote for Wolfgang Puck Cafe.
Bongo’s is not on the dining plan and there’s better Cuban food to be found at better prices in Kissimmee and Orlando. Don’t ask me where. I live in South Florida and have enough Cuban to not want more at WDW.
Raglan Road hasn’t interested me yet, but that doesn’t mean anything one way or the other. If you are paying out of pocket both Fulton’s Crab House and House of Blues are both favorites of mine, especially Fulton’s which has an extensive dinner menu.
In Epcot, both Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining are good bets, as is Tutto Italia.

Don’t forget to check menus here:

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


i read th emenues but im not sure how good the places are … as for california grille we do not eat sushi… neither dh or i … im not sure aobut the menu.


Capn Jacks is getting better reviews than before, but we have gone there twice and did NOT have a good time, nor did we enjoy the food.

I hear nothing but rave reviews for California Grill!!!