Question on tipping when its included in price


Hello everyone. I am trying to figure out my tip budget and was wondering if the tip is already included at HDmusic review should we tip again? Do you? If so how much on top of the tip thats already included?

I knew the tip was included at CRT when I took Madison in Sept BUT the service was so bad. Matter of fact I got better service at a McDonalds once so I decided I wasnt leaving anything extra.

I have a carriage ride reserved for the night we do HDD at 7 pm. Does the driver get tipped? If so is it %20 of the price of the ride?

I trying to figure out basically how much money to bring for just the 2 of us adults no kids and I dont plan on buying a ton of things that I dont need this time around. Last time in Sept I had to buy 2 suite cases just to lug home all of Madisons new toys we bought including the big cinderella play castle. Lets just say never again:laugh:

We are checking in May 11th 8 pm checking out May 16th 6 am so Im wondering if $1000 should be enough. I know I need $60 to pay for parking at the airport, $100 for the boat rental (with coupon that comes with ressie) $60-$75 in tips,$50 carriage ride and I want to upgrade our tickets to hoppers when I get there. I had hoppers when I reserved it but then called back to take it off and added days to the tickets but now thinking I need the hoppers after looking at the park hours today,

Thanks all for reading my “thinking out loud”:laugh:
Any advise? Thanks:heart:


I have been to the HDD numerous times and have never left an extra tip nor have I seen anybody else leave one either. As for the carriage ride, I am not quite sure but I would think you would tip. Hope this helps.


I would tip for the carriage ride.

We only tip extra at Hoop Dee Doo if we order something that is not included in the price of the meal (an extra drink or glow cube)


Same here…we never tipped extra for Hoop Dee Do. I never really even thought about it. Hmmmm…now I’m starting to feel bad. I’m interested to hear if anyone else has tipped additionally.

have a great trip!!!


Thanks all. I just didnt want the server to feel some kind of way but they did say it was included.Now I have been to CRT often over the past few years and have always left extra tip because I never knew it was included til this past Sept trip. Servers never advised me of such but I will make sure to tip the carriage driver. Thanks all!!


I have only tipped one time at a WDW restaurant where it was already included. We had a server who went above and beyond at our anniversary breakfast at Crystal Palace…I just had to leave a little more, we have never had someone go the extra mile for us in that way…not saying we’ve had bad service in WDW in the past, but this was special.


Money wise, that seems more than enough, but carrying that much on a trip would certainly make me nervous. That’s why we always charge everything to the room key, paying it in full at checkout with a Disney Visa (get rewards dollars) and then at home, pay it off in full with the money that would have been brought to Disney to pay for everything. Just a suggestion.