Question on WL


When DH and I went in Nov we stayed at POP. I was happy staying there as we were not in the room that much. I figure we will probably be that way when we go in September, but I do want to take a slower pace and “smell the roses”

I just looked up and the price difference between the two for our length of stay would be $1000 - preferred at POP, standard at WL. Now, it’s not like I really have alot of money, but since my trip put on the disney visa would be deferred payment for six months, I could definitely have the difference in that time.

Only DH and I are going.

for those who have stayed there, and values… is it really worth the price difference to do this luxury once?


For just the two of you - I would give the nod to Wilderness Lodge. It’s a great resort to “stop and smell the roses”. It’s beautiful and romantic. Really, an amazing resort. Artist’s Point is a terrific grown-up restaurant and although no Disney Resort lacks for kids - WL will probably be a little more laid back than the Pop. You might find you want to spend a little more time at the resort - WL is definitely more than just a place to sleep.


OMGosh, I would say go and spoil yourself. You won’t regret it. It will add so much to your experience. :happy:


I kind of am in the same boat here. I want to stay at the polly but my DH stays home so to me paying the extra $ isnt worth it because we are only there to sleep. I always stay in the value but for my May trip I needed to upgrade to a 5 person room so we will be giving POR riverside a try.


Wilderness Lodge has plenty of what Pop lacks:TREES!!!
And a direct boat to the MK


I would absolutely do it. I have stayed at WL and it’s possibly my favorite resort(I’m torn between that and Boardwalk). Days when you take it “slow” you will love the theming and relaxed feel of this resort.


I say do it. WL is my fav. resort. It is so peaceful… you just don’t get that at POP.


okay, I’m bummed. I decided to change and they don’t have standard rooms available… instead of $2500 it would be $3300 and that is a little too much.

They have a standard view at the animal kingdom, but I don’t know about that…


AK, AK!!! I say go for it- we are on a wait list for June and are really hoping we get it (fingers crossed!!).


I really enjoy staying at the deluxe resorts for the extra feel of magic myself. We stayed at CBR once and found those few extra inches of bed width to be nice. Of course, there are four of us and I think a single king or queen bed would meet my needs if it were just the wife and I.


When we were first in that position I chose to go with POFQ. It is a nice place to relax and very romantic for 2. Have you priced that one?

I agree that that stantard price for WL would be better than the upgrade. Maybe try checking back if you don’t like POFQ.


My brother once took a standard room at AK. His opinion was the money is only worth it if you can see the animals from your room.

Sue, why not split the difference and stay in a moderate resort? It would be much nicer than a value resort, but not nearly the price.


the only moderate at standard price available was the CS

From what I understand… it doesn’t seem to get too many great reviews. More like a conference center.


never mind :blush:


But much nicer, quieter than the values, maybe?


Buzz2001’s website had a lot of information Unofficial Coronado Springs Resort Website


It didn’t excite me like WL did. I just relooked at all the resorts actually and I always thought it would be nice to stay at Poly or contemp just because of being on the monorail, but they are way out of my price range.

The other resorts were as you say nicer/quieter than POP but would I really spend more time there, than being in the parks.

I may check back a few times, the CM told me to do that, she said sometimes they have cancellations, but otherwise, maybe I’ll just keep my POP reservations this time, and plan for another trip next year then - plan ahead and go for the WL then.

Last year we were only at the resort to sleep and shower. we never even used the POP pool, and I didn’t seem to notice any noise. We were on a back side top floor room, so I’m hoping for that again.


You know Sue, that’s a great idea. Wait a while, call them and see. People do cancel all the time.
You sound so unhappy. Cheer up, no matter where you stay, you’ll be in your happy place.
We spend quite a bit of time at POR, because it is so beautiful and relaxing, just sayin’. If the resort is nice, chances are that you’ll linger a while.


I would upgrade to a moderate or deluxe if possible. Keep calling and see what opens up, especially at 45 to 50 days out when people with packages have to cancel.


No I am not unhappy… I’m going to DW again. Last year was the first time in 11 years. I am now going on my third trip to DW. I never would have thought I was going again so soon. I was just debating this afternoon about making a “special decision” and surprising DH and staying at WL. I sat and did the money and figured okay, I can do it. I had to “sneak” the phone call, and when it wasn’t available, yea, I was disappointed. I just told him what I planned and he said he really wasn’t interested in the AK - like said before, if not staying on the savannah, not really any different. DH always wanted to go to colorado, WL reminds me of that. I went to a conference once he was able to go with me, and it was a resort like the WL. We loved it.

So, back to original plans, just stay at POP and enjoy DW itself again. I am excited about that.