Question - San Angel Inn


Anyone know what kind of desserts San Angel Inn has. All the menus just say selection of homemade items.


Have you checked on That’s the only place I know that lists the items.


Off the top of my head I know they have FLAN…


Here is what listed as the Dinner Dessert Menu:


Flan de Vanilla - vanilla custard in syrup, topped with roasted almonds $5.75

Capirotada de Chocolate Blanco - white chocolate and golden raisin bread pudding served with Mexican milk caramel $5.75

Arroz con Leche
- rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon $5.75


I thought I had some kind of dessert chimichanga once…but I could be TOTALLY mistaken.


I have reservations to eat there this Friday night, I’ll report back with what they have.



They’ve got to have churros. You’re telling me they don’t have churros??


I think they have them outside at the CS area…don’t worry!:laugh:


do not look any further than the flan…it is incredible.




Have y’all seen Envy with Jack Black and Ben Stiller??

FLAN!!! :laugh:



I have to admit I think flan is :blow: :blow: :blow: :blow: :blow: :blow:

I’m not a fan of “gel-like” foods.


Me, either!! :blow:

But, when Jack Black and family eat it - it’s very funny!


Yes, it is funny…they had a LOT of it too!:laugh:


Just at there last Wednesday and they were the offered desserts…

DH and I both had the capirotada and it was yummy…:smile:


Flan in the place where you live! Now face west… :laugh: