I’m taking my best friend (who doesn’t like Disney) and her daughter my goddaughter who will be turning 4 to Disney January 20-23rd. We are going to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and don’t know were we should eat for lunch. I did get a PS in NOrway for Sunday morning I want it to be a special weekend, but have never planned a trip for a little girl, only my twin 3 year boys or for myself and hubby. Thanks for all your help!


You might want to consider the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. They serve all American comfort foods, and offer character meals.

It’s loved by all!


I’m not a dining expert. I’ve really only done counter service at MK, but I’m sure someone here can help. I hope you have a great trip!


Chef Mickey’s is the place for everyone! Good food, good fun!


I would suggest the Plaza Restaurant. They have great food, fairly inexpensive for a sit down, and they often haev the street performers come in and sing and do little skits for the diners. Definitely fun, not too expensive and should be a better option than a sit-down.


If you’re looking for something with a little extra magic, then I’d definitely recommend a character meal like Liberty Tree or Chef Mickey’s…


With kids that young, I’d think Crystal Palace in the MK would be perfect. All the Pooh characters are there and the food is buffet style. There’s even a kid’s buffet with all the foods little ones love.


O.k now I don’t feel so bad. :angel:


I think that the Crystal Palace would be a great choice for lunch, or for a late breakfast(less expensive). We usually book the latest available breakfast time)usually around 11) and count it as lunch. Fun characters, good food for everyone.


When we went in June, my youngest one was just turning 3 and my oldest child was turning 8, we all agreed that Chef Mickeys was the best for breakfast or dinner!!! The food was great and we got to spend alot of time with the charecters!!! I am sure no matter what place you choose it will be great!!! I have not eatten at a bad place at DW yet!!! :mickey: Have a great time!!!


Chef Mickey’s is great for kids, but if you don’t want to leave the MK, I’d definitely go with the Crystal Palace.


Chef Mickey’s is a GREAT character breakfast! But like llama said, if you don’t want to leave the parks, Crystal Palace is always good. I have gone for breakfast, lunch AND dinner and each meal has always been good. We also went to LTT for dinner last year and it was like a Thanksgiving feast! Great character interaction and the atmosphere was GREAT!


:eek: :eek: :eek: Is there a treatment available? What a terrible affliction to suffer! :crying:


Liberty Tree Tavern is only a character meal for dinner or else I’d suggest that. Otherwise- with a four year old- I second the Crystal Palace or just eat a vert late lunch and do the “dinner” at Liberty Tree. I really do enjoy the characters there (Oh and so do my 3 little guys)


Chastmastr there is no treatment! I’ve tried everything to get her to understand but then she had a daughter who loves Disney Princesses and told her that she would take on her 4th birthday. I think she thought that the little one would forget. BUT SHE DIDN"T! I hope I can show my best friend the true meaning of Disney through her little girls eyes!!!


Oh…I hope so!!! That would be great if she just fell in love with Disney :tongue:


I would say lunch at the castle (if you can get it) would be great for a princess loving little girl. BUT, it is expensive and non-Disney loving Mom might not like that.

To tell you the truth if I had only one day in the MK I don’t know if I would make a ADR for a sit down restaurant. I might just go with the flow and do a counter service meal when it works out to eat.


I’ve been to WDW before, but this past Sept, we took my husband’s entire family (12 of us in total). The night we got there, we had dinner at Chef Mickey’s. The buffet was wonderful (even my tough guy hubby commented how good it was). Then after, we hopped the monorail to MK and took in Spectromagic and the fireworks. It was a perfect way to start the trip – especially for the kids (ages 7, 5, 5 and 2). Have fun!!


Been a LONG time since we’ve done the character meals but they are wonderful in kid’s eyes.

Check out and check out the different dining experiences. There are different ones available for different meals at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Contempary and all those are an easy monorail ride from MK.


You know…a trip to WDW just might be enough to jumpstart the inner Disney lover in your friend…