I received this email from Don at AKL conceirge and am I reading this correct? If I dirve over to the MK, I have to take a tram from my car then board a boat or monorail to get to the front gate of MK? He wrote this because he was concerned we have an 8:20 ADR with CP the morning we check in at 7:30. We planned on driving over to the MK for the breakfest. Is there a different enterence that we have to enter since the park will not be open yet? I don’t want to keep bothering concierge so can someone please explain his response;

Dumela! Marygrace,

Thank you for the arrival information. You do not save a lot of time
driving to the Magic Kingdom because you have to take a tram from the
parking lot and then a monorail or boat across to the park but if you
feel better doing that you most certainly may. You just need to display
your parking pass from the resort in your windshield.

At your service,

Don (as in Donald Duck)


Yes, that is correct. However, you could save a trip on a tram by driving directly to the Transportation and Ticket Center. Or… this probably isn’t legal, but you could drive to the Grand Floridian and that is directly to MK on the monorail route.


Can I park my car there for the day?


Honestly, I’m not sure. It may be timed parking… whenever we arrive at the Transportation and Ticket Center, we arrive via tram or bus… which gets you directly there. However, MK parking is really T&TC parking… maybe I’m just being stupid. :pinch:

However, that GF route would get you closer…


I think coming from AKL to MK it would be much quicker to take a resort bus. If the park opens at 8 the buses should be running by that time. When we have made adrs prior to the park opening I have been told to have the reservation number ready in case ask for it at the entrance.


I would not take the chance of parking your car all day at GF if you are not a resort guest or dining at GF. Resort guest are given a pass to be displayed in car window, that allows them the parking privilege.


Unless you have a dining or room reservation at GF, do not go there to park. You will be turned away. Even if you had a dining reservation for GF, you would only get a 3 hour parking pass.

Based on your times, you should definitely take the MK bus from AKL. Driving yourself will only take you to the tram for the TTC. You cannot park at the MK. Only Disney buses can get you to the front gate from AK.


I agree you would only be able to park at GF if you have reservations or are a resort guest.


So… from the TCC you have to take a monorail or boat to the park? I have not been there in TEN years so I can’t remember.


Yes, you will have to take the boat or the monorail.


Yes you have to take the big ferry or the monorail (monorail is a little bit quicker). I agree with those that said take the bus from your resort. It will take you directly to the front of MK and have your dining reservation # ready just in case you need to show them at the gate as you may be cutting it close.


Yeah… it’s part of the story… you can see the castle, but can’t get in. (Also, due to the underground tunnels, MK is actually built on the second story, therefore if guests were allowed to park at MK, they might discover this secret, and it would totally ruin the magic. And… due to the size, I’m sure parking there would be pretty limited.)

So, I guess parking at GF was a bad idea, as well :pinch:… idk, I was just thinking that would be the quickest way to get there. But this tram ride isn’t long (assuming you get there early… and you will), and the monorail is direct, so no worries. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust the Disney buses to get me there, after the experience last week, if you have an early ADR, drive!)

Well, either way, you must, at one point, rely on Disney transportation. So, you might just opt for the bus (it does take you directly to the gate).


If you are checking in at 7:30, I wouldn’t fully check in, I would just drop off your stuff for the concierge and head straight for the bus or drive then.

There will be a separate line for those who have breakfast ADRs prior to opening. You can’t miss it. Just look for the sign and the people who are being let in by the CM.


I’ve found WDW buses to be very reliable. I wouldn’t drive to MK.


we stayed at akl last dec. and had ADR’s for breakfast at cinderella’s palace and just like the above person mentioned, we hopped on the special bus for guest with ADR’s and made it there easily in time for our 830 seating. the busses will start running at 730a. just tell the driver where you are going and when you need to be there, and they seem to get you there. we were actually the second group to the castle and got seated accordingly. don’t waste too much time checking in. just get there early for checkin and do what tonyksl said to do. when we got to the park, we waited in line for a few minutes at the normal enterance and just went in as usual with the ADR crowd. it’s simple.


They are reliable… until you have to be at a certain place at a certain time. :laugh:


If you are driving, why don’t you let Don know that you will check in AFTER your breakfast or later in the day. Drive straight to MK, which takes you to the Ticket and Transportation center (Mk is surrounded by water) and they you can take a monorail or ferry to MK, eat and then go back to your resort to check in.

We are FL residents, so we drive all the time . . . it’s easy! And on check out day, I leave my luggage in the car while we go to the park. Just don’t leave anything that will melt FAST! :laugh: 'cuz the sun is HOT!

The only thing is you might have to pay for parking because you won’t have your permit, but maybe Don can send you something to take care of that?


I agree this works very well. We have done this on several ocassions.