Is it possible to add the Dining plan to a vacation package? and when is the latest you can do that if so? and will it affect my reservations at restaurants? is there a charge for changing and who do I talk to about doing so?


Call WDW and ask to add it and the CM will tell you the difference in price between your original reservation and your new reservation. Your dining reservations will be fine, exactly the same as before you added the dining plan.


This is my first post here so take it for what it’s worth.

You can add dining to the Magic Your Way packages and Disney Vacation Club reservations. The costs depends on the type of dining package you want, from Counter Service only to three Table Service meals and a bottle of wine a day.

This time in which you can add the option depends on how you booked. I recommend the ladies at Your Magical Journey’s for the best in Disney reservations.


As far as the latest you can add it, I was told up to 6 days before your arrival date. I just added the dining plan to our package, we were 10 days out. It was very easy, took less than five minutes.


Add the dinning plan. I feel the 1QS, 1TS 1S is a great deal. We saved money last year and everything was paid for in advance with the exception of drinks and spending money. Hopefully you have great ADRs where you get the most bang for your buck.


it will have no effect on your reservations we did that last year I booked CRT 6month out and paid by credit card and than we added the dining package later after we decided to stay on site instead of at our timeshare. Best of all we got the credit back on our card for that meal and all it cost was the use of 2 table service meals. I think it sounded right in the other blog about 6 days out you can change to or add to your dining package.


You are able to add the dining plan to a room only reservation or vacation (room and ticket) package up until 72 hours (3 days) before check in.
Just be aware that often you will temporarily pay twice in the short term. If this happens, it will take a couple days for the credit to flow back to your credit card. I’m not sure what they do in the case of cash payments.
Depending if you’ve booked room only or a package they will have to cancel your existing reservation and create a new one including your vacation plan (this is more the case for room only). With room only, you have paid one day’s room rate as your deposit with the remainder due on check in, so when rebooking as a vacation plan, you need to either pay the minimum deposit (outside 45 days from arrival) or the full amount of your vacation plan (inside 45 days because your full amount is due 45 days out).
As for your dining reservations, they don’t change. Period.


What exactly do you mean, temporarily pay twice? As in, they charge your card twice?