Art of Animation or Pop Century Resort?


I am trying to decide the very same thing for my family when we travel in February. We have stayed at Pop and it was nice, the decor was pretty neat. I admit AofA looks phenomenal as far as color and decor but it is quite pricey vs. Pop. The allure of family suites is what is keeping us from making a quick decision since we could get two rooms at Pop for almost as much as a family suite where someome has to sleep on a fold down table…I think it is a personal preference. We are leaning toward Pop and just touring around AofA to admire it.


Pop became a favorite of ours after our last trip but AoA would win out with us right now just because we all want to see it. We are planning a couple of hours in our next trip just to look it over.


We faced that same decision for our October trip and decided to do two rooms at the POP. Wasn’t thrilled about the fold down table option and and fold out chair/couch. We did that when we had a suite at the AKL and it was not comfortable.

We won’t cook and/or use the kitchennette piece, so two rooms made more sense for us.

Good luck!


I’d have to go for AoA just because it’s the newest and I really want to try out the Nemo themed pool and find out what these check-in ‘pods’ are all about!


We LOVE Pop but I would absolutely try AOA if you can- the reviews have been great so far.
We will want a full report though if you do choose AOA! :slight_smile:


My opinion would be AOA because it’s new and the themes and rooms look wonderful. I hope to be able to stay there soonish!