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Hello everyone, after reading all your threads for a while I’m posting for the first time. I’ve booked the AKL sep 29; ok, so here’s my question, are the wait times for the buses really that bad? will I be spending a good 40 minutes every morning to get to the parks? thanks for any info you can send my way!


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It would take you that long to drive or get the bus! Each park is about 15-20 minutes away apart from AK (that’s only 5minutes away). If you time it right the bus will just be therewhen you get there if you time it wrong it will be leaving as you turn the corner!


Thanks for the welcome Missy H! are there schedules for the buses in the lobby or something similar? or do the buses usually come at around the same times everyday? :confused:


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We never had any issues with the busses at AKL. Actually, the bus service was pretty good since the busses weren’t shared with any other resorts.


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The buses run continuously at all Disney resorts so there is no need for time schedules. I’ve stayed at AKL several times and NEVER had to wait more than 15-20 minutes for a bus, and those were usually Downtown Disney buses. You will really be fine. :happy:


Welcome to DC! We always use the WDW transportation system even if we have a car with us. We always plan 45-60 minutes to get from place to place but it doesn’t always take that long. I like not having to drive when I’m on vacation so the busses work for us.


I agree with Buzz. I stayed there twice and thought their transportation to be top-notch. You share with no one else and they run every 20minutes just as they are suppose to.


There are no schedules because Disney Transport is actually dynamically dispatched throughout the day. In other words, any bus at any time after it finishes it’s current route are routinely switched onto new destinations as they pull into the park they are going to. Often you will be dropped at a bus stop for the resort that the bus is switched to and you will be reminded that your stop is a different platform. Also, there are times that “special” buses are created to take care of a guest who has been waiting too long.


I have stayed at AKL twice during the last two months, we never had any problem with buses, they were pretty quick, only serve the AKL, and the bus stops are away from the lobby, so they get in and out really quickly. I think my longest wait was 10 minutes, and that was for MK. I never waited for a DTD bus, but I did see them.


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Don’t panic about the buses - the transportation is generally better than you read about - because you usually read about it when the annoying stuff happens. On the whole Disney transportation is reliable.


Welcome to DC!!! You’ll love AKL and the transportation is excellent!


Thanks for the info guys, it has always been my dream to go to AKL, but because I’m traveling with a 2 and a half year old I was aprehensive about waiting too long for buses and such, but it looks like it’s going to be just fine. DD’s favorite place in the world is the zoo, can’t wait to see her face when she wakes up in the morning to see animals so close! :happy:


The good news is…you don’t have to share your bus. Alot of the others have to share.


Good info. I’m considering changing my last two nights at CSR to AKL since 9/29 will be the wifes birthday. I was concerned about this, as well.


Just a quick bit to add to this, There should be a bus every 20 mins or less. From the AK lodge to DTD/Typhon lagoon is slightly more then 30 min ride time, From the AK lodge to MK is just shy of 30 mins of ride time, from the AK lodge to Epcot is around 15 to 20 min ride time, and from the AK lodge to Studio’s is around 10 to 15 mins.

I stayed at the AKL when I first got here and my apt wasn’t ready, Its a awesome resort. Have a Great trip.


The above info may be dated. How is the transportation at AKL today (2010)?


There are no schedules for any Disney Transport bus route. In fact, buses are dispatched dynamically throughout the day and they switch routes often. All buses are directed by radio and tracked via GPS, so, if a driver sees there are far too many people waiting, he can call in to dispatch and try to have a spare bus sent.
Disney tries to service each route at least 3 times every hour.

Well, I just noticed that this is a zombie thread from 4 years ago and I just posted pretty much what I posted then.
There isn’t much that has changed, other than AKL now has a second bus stop for the Kidani Village section.


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