Questions about Celebration Hotel


We’ve been to WDW a jillion times and our preferrence is to always stay on site. But I just saw a special on Mousesavers for a rate of $89 at the Celebration Hotel. We’ve visited Celebration a few times and loved the looks of the hotel. DW and I (No kids - irst time!) are thinking about taking advantage of this offer in Sept. If anybody reading this has stayed at the hotel, feel free to give me your opinions. Since this is basically the same rate as a Value resort, we might try it.

I have a few questions:

  1. Is Celebration still owned by Disney? I thought I remembered something a while back about the property being sold.
  2. Is the hotel a WDW-operated hotel?..
  3. Is there any kind of complimentary transportation to the theme parks or are you on your own? (We sometimes have a car anyway and drive. We could always park at DTD and start from there with buses…

Any help from my Mousebuzz family is always greatly appreciated!


Here is a link about Celebration: Celebration

I found on their website that:
Shuttle transporation available for purchase to WALT DISNEY WORLD® theme parks.

It looks great, but remember there is a $12 per night resort fee. Also, I do not belive it is Disney operated.

I think I would rather stay at Disney- if you are looking for a great resort at a great price, rent DVC points!!


$89 would be GREAT rate for this hotel, even if you have to add in a $12 “service” fee. The hotel is not owned by business, but is owned by an owner/operator of a small upscale boutique hotel chain. He has at least one other hotel in Orlando (The Bohemian) and one in St Augustine. He has several others scattered about but I forget where.

Celebration is on its own now. I am not sure who is running the downtown shopping district (i.e. actually owning it or managing shop leases).


September is FREE DINING - and I believe the booking window is still open. So if you are thinking about a Sept. Trip, adding the free dining makes staying onsite a REAL VALUE!


I spoke with Keith at Mousketrips also. While the hotel looks great (we visited there once when we were scoping Celebration when it opened), I don’t think I want to stay off-site. My DD and GW think the whole concept of Celebration was eery to begin with and don’t want to stay there, so it looks like it will be on-site again. No complaints from me about that.