Questions about DDP and tipping


I am going to WDW in August, with 3 other families and have purchased the basic dining plan. Since I have not been to WDW since 2006, when the tip was included, I have some questions about the tip. Can I put the tip from my meal, on my Key to the World card, if I have a credit card attached to it? If I am eating with the 3 other groups, making us total 10 people, how is the tip shown on the bill and can it be split between 4 Keys to the World? Thanks for all your help.


I am not sure about splitting up the tip but I would think all your tickets would need to be rung up separately since you each purchased separate meal plans. Therefore your suggested tip total for just your party will be on the bottom. I hope someone who travels in large groups sees this because I am not certain.
As far as your key to the world card…your server will bring your receipt and your total will be 0.00 and there is a spot for you to fill in the tip before she rings it up. Then you can just charge the extra to your room. We did that a lot on our last trip!


Last year at Caveyfest we had a large group, and even though we all had separate checks, we were all charged the 18% tip, regardless. This was because there were more than 6 people at the table.


When we were at H&V in May, we were with another family so there were 8 total. They were on the Dining Plan we were not, we each got a check with the suggested 18% at the bottom BUT, they seem to do this with all the checks now that the DDP doesn’t include tip!

So he ended up with a $32 tip from our one table.

The easiest way would be to get a check for each family/person . . . this way you are responsible for your bar tab, your bill and your tip and tax.

Room keys with a cc attached are treated just like a cc so you can tell them how much to charge to it as well.


Thanks for all your helpfulness!!!:happy:


Ability to charge a tip to the room and ability to split that tip will vary based on if the resturant is owned by Disney or not. In almost all cases is should be possible, but make sure you tell your server of the situation before hand so you dont get stuck waiting while everything is sorted out in the end!


I think with the ddp the tip is already included on your bill.


The tip was taken out at the start of the year.


You can charge anything you want to your key card as long as it is a Disney place. If you split the bill, they will split the tip. You can even ask them to add the percentage you want for the tip to the bill.


That is strange on our last trip the tip was included maybe because we had a party of 6? Not sure.


I may have misread your question. The tip used to be included in the price of the dining plan but now you have to pay out of pocket for the tip.