Questions about December


Hello! I am wondering if the MVMCP still goes on between Christmas and New Years? Also, is this a completely insane time to go? Thanks!


MVMCP ends before Christmas.

Yes, the crowds are crazy but it’s such a beautiful time to go. We were in MK last year on Christmas day and I wouldn’t trade that memory for anything.


well, the MVMCP party is going on since the last week of novermber until I cant remember right now when. BUT, if you go during the week after christmas and New years. I don’t know if its still going.

I do have to say that if you plan to go during that time you bet it’s going to be PACKED with people. and mostlye on new years eve they only let people in until around 12 or 1 due to full capacity in park and then open it again b/c some people actually leavev like around 4 or 5 pm. this is from experrience. so it is a pain. but the 4 and 5 Oclock entrance is usually open only for Disney resort guests and then later at like 8 which is less than likely is for resort guests and AP.


MVMCP ends before Christmas. Some of the shows and events that go on during the party are playing during the normal park hours, and I believe the Holiday Wishes fireworks are displayed all that week (Rowdy can tell you for sure).

The week is insanely nuts and crowded. If you go there, just have the mind set that you are not going to do a lot, and just enjoy the atmosphere. It is a great time to be there.


This year, the last day for the party was December 19, a mere two days before we arrived.

As for whether it is a crazy time to go – just make your reservatiosn for dining well in advance, and go to the parks early or stay late. We just got back from a late-December trip, and in my TR, you will see plenty of photos taken as late as 10 a.m. where the parks were almost empty! It didn’t get crowded until lunchtime – except for Toy Story Mania and Soarin’. Those two rides were packed from the minute the parks opened to the minute they closed.