Questions about Disney in May and Pop Century


Hi all!
We have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge in the past. We are seriously considering Disney in May of this year at a Value Resort. A couple of questions:

  1. Would it make a big difference weather- or crowd-wise for us to go earlier in May rather than the later?

  2. Which value resort would you recommend? We have a 1 year old and a 6 year old?

  3. Would it be a better choice to pay 300 addt’l dollars and stay at Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter? Would the kids like these options?

Thanks for the help! Just trying to nail down the details before we take the plunge!

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Crowds do increase twoards the end of May as schools in Fl get out for summer vaction and you have the Memorial Day weekend coming up. Early May is normally in the 80’s to 90’s. As you get closer to the end of the month the temp will be closer to the 90 mark or above.

  1. Which value resort would you recommend? We have a 1 year old and a 6 year old?

I don’t have kids so take this with a grain of salt, I would proably go with the all stars as your kids proably won’t remember anything from POP, like a rubix cube, or pac man(80’s version).

  1. Would it be a better choice to pay 300 addt’l dollars and stay at Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter? Would the kids like these options?

Sorry no clue on this one


Hi GeorgenBecky! We went in early May last year and it was great! Some of the schools in Fl get out for the summer twards the end of May, so the earlier you go I think the crowds will be lighter. Also remember Memorial weekend is the last weekend of May, so that will add to the crowds too. As far as Valus resorts go we loved Pop Century with our kids, also All Star Movies looks great, but we haven’t got to stay there yet. POR and POFQ are really nice resorts, POFQ has a slide at the pool which is fun, and POR has a full restaurant and an awesome playground and a great poolside bar with yummy drinks :slight_smile: I dont think you can go wrong either way.


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I agree with the early May votes. Late May gets quite crowded with end-of-the-year school trips, Memorial Day crowds, and school vacation crowds.

As for resorts, I don’t have kids, but from the trip reports I’ve read, your six-year-old would LOVE All-Star Movies. POR and POFQ are beautiful resorts (both have pool slides and hot tubs which the All Stars don’t have) and are definitely worth the extra $300 in my opinion, though I doubt your kids will remember either way. If you go for the upgrade, do it for yourself and your husband 'cause the kids will probably be happy no matter what.


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We’ve been to WDW the past 4 Mays in a row, at all different times. Yes, the earlier the better crowd wise.

Oh, and the weather has always been fantastic.


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Another vote for early May.
as far as the resorts, I’ve stayed at Pop, All stars and POFQ, and with kids your ages I happen to think POFQ would be a great choice. The pool is awesome and the resort is a smaller size making for short walking to bus stops and the food court. The rooms are also a little bigger and that will give you more space for a portable crib.
POFQ is my favorite resort, it’s absolutely charming and worth the extra $$$ IMHO. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Welcome! When I lived in Florida I used to take off from work in early May and go b/c the weather was PERFECT, not too hot or rainy yet AND it was SO slow. We MISS going in early May now that we live up north! I am also going to vote for Pop Century if you choose a value. It’s fresh and new, clean and REALLY visually exciting for a one and 6 year old! They’ll LOVE it!

I think the moderates are definately worth the extra $300 but it really just depends on your families preferences. Being the beginning of May I don’t think Pop would be REALLY crowded and loud, which is normally one of the biggest complaints about the values during busy times.

Good luck planning!


I took my son two years ago and he had just turned six. We stayed at the All Stars Movies Resort. We went in the middle of May. It was great the weather was perfect and only rained for an hour on one day. My son loved the resort and continues to ask when we can go again.

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My Families Favorite resort happens to be the Wilderness Lodge, but we have had the chance to stay at POP and All the All Stars. I have a six and four year old and they dont care where they stay! But on all trips I do bring the kids by All Star movies to play on and around the Toy Story area, becouse they love it there!


Welcome to DC!! I can’t recommend Pop Century highly enough. It is my favorite calue resort,and I stay there as often as I can. As for crowds,I would go early May vs. late May,which I am doing(May 4th-May 7th). Hope to see you there!!!


While I liked the PO resorts, PC was just as enjoyable for my kids. In fact, I think that they liked PC more. Maybe spend the $300 on some great meals instead!


My family stayed at POP last year. We were very happy there and will probably stay there again next time. I believe the All star resorts share a bus and the lines were much longer for those resorts than the Pop, but we were there in the busy season (June). Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

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Hey! I have to say that my children ages 11,9, and almost 2 LOVED the POP!

They loved being able to play in the big courtyard - I grabbed a chair from the room and sat outside and read, and they played, played, played…it was a blast!


And the beginning of May isn’t too bad…


We have been in early May and it was absolutely perfect. Not too hot and not that crowded. FL schools get out much earlier than us and I would think that it would get really crowded the later in May you go. We have been to All-Star movies and Sports and both kids loved them. Never been to Pop. I would thing that Port Orleans and paying extra is a personal decision for you. If I were trying to impress the kids, I’d go with the All-Stars - they have great over-sized theming.


Any decision you make will work. You will be at WDW afterall.
I would go with the moderate souly because of the slide.

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the pop century is very enjoyable for the kids. The pools are sort of a gathering area at night for the kids to play, a great family atmosphere