Questions About Ohana/Last Night Family Dinner?


Hello MBers!

So, as some of you may have heard I am going to participate in the 2010 WDWCS program. So I will be living, learning, and earning at the WDW resort for 7 beautiful months starting in Feb!

My parents are coming to drop me off and we are staying a few nights before my program check in date. I was trying to think of something nice to do on the night before they leave, since I wont see them for a while.

I was suggested maybe Ohana. I have never been to Ohana, only the outdoor luau at the Poly. What is Ohana like and how different from the Luau is it?

Also, if anyone else has any other suggestions about where to eat/what to do on the last night with your family I am very interested to hear them! :]



We just ate at Ohana on Friday night. It was just OK. I think Kona is 110x better. Ohana is just a TON of food, and it’s was “chucked” on the table. The service was just OK too.

I was told they no longer have the potatoes, because the Chef left, and it was HIS families recipe so he took it with him.

The apps ('Ohana Welcome Bread, Mixed greens with a honey-lime dressing, Honey-Coriander Chicken Wings and Pork Dumplings with Sweet and Sour Sauce) was the best part of the meal. The rest was REALLY smoked cooked meats (beef, turkey, shrimp, pork)

The Lo Mein Noodles were like Ramen and we were only served broccoli.

For dessert it is 'Ohana bread pudding with Bananas and Caramel Sauce. This was good, but VERY SWEET! There was ice cream too.

Of course it could depend on when and what time you eat. We had a Friday 7:05pm ressie and their computer systems were down and the place was PACKED!! They parade the kids around, and there were a LOT of kids. So it was super busy and super rushed and LOTS and LOTS of food.

Again, I think Kona is a better deal. Everyone gets WHAT they want, the atmosphere isn’t so busy and rushed and the service is a slower pace.


'Ohana is one of my favorite places at DW! Great food if you like meat.


Think Brazilian steakhouse… very good, but a ton of food…We went one night, and it was not crowded, but very relaxing. I guess it just depends on the day. Dessert was fabulous!


I vote for Kona as well. One of the problems with O’hana, especially in February is the parks close early so everyone heads back to the hotels early and the line up to get into O’hana’s can get pretty chaotic and noisy, especially since it’s right next to the lounge. Also another issue I find is where you get seated in the restaurant. If you are seated behind the fire pit, you have a great view of the Castle, which is fantastic and it’s relatively quiet. But if you are seated on the other side, it can be rather noisy. They have an ‘entertainer’ in the restaurant to keep the kids occupied with coconut races etc. The last time we were there, she NEVER SHUT UP! And it drove us completely insane throughout our entire meal.

Also our waiter practically threw our platters down on the table and then disappeared until it came time for us to pay for the meal. If we weren’t on the dining plan which at the time included the gratuity, we definitely would not have given him an 18% tip because he certainly didn’t deserve it for the lack of service he gave us.

We ate at Kona on our last trip for both breakfast and dinner for the very first time and we absolutely loved it. It’s much more laid back and quiet. The food was fantastic and very tasty. We loved it so much we have 4 reservations on our next trip which is coming up in 3 weeks. It’s a good thing we switched our resort to the Polynesian.



It was like drive by dining . . . he’d come with a tray, and clunk, clunk, clunk throw all the plates on our tables and the ones around us. I’ve never seen anything like it. And then the meat was like, "You don’t want more? Have more . . . " Seriously I thought I was going to :blow:

I guess if you like MEAT . . . this is the place for you! :laugh:


It was like drive by dining . . . he’d come with a tray, and clunk, clunk, clunk throw all the plates on our tables and the ones around us. I’ve never seen anything like it. And then the meat was like, "You don’t want more? Have more . . . " Seriously I thought I was going to :blow:

I guess if you like MEAT . . . this is the place for you! :laugh:[/QUOTE]

For us, when we asked for seconds of any of the barbecued meats we got like 1 piece and that was it.


Wow, I am surprised by the negative reviews. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences at 'OHana. All of the food is very plentiful and delicious. We really love the meats and the shrimp is delicious. I, for one, don’t really miss the potatoes. They were very yummy and I loved them while they were there, but I do not find myself disappointed that they are no longer.

'OHana is a fun, relaxed atmosphere with singing, dancing, limbo, coconut races, and more. Part of the experience really depends on your server, we have had some great ones and others not so fabulous.

I have never felt rushed and have always enjoyed our dinners there, I think your parents will enjoy it if that is your choice.


It really depends on what you like. If you’re foodies, I would highly recommend splurging on California Grille, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, Citricos or Narcoossees.

Or, I personally believe that character meals with adults are very under-rated. Simple and good food combined with great photo ops can make for long-lasting memories. I like to make jokes with the characters about some child misbehaving. They seem to respond well to that. So, if you want a magical Disney experience, have dinner at Crystal Palace and then scope out a good spot for Wishes. That would make for a great last night.

Or, for another memorable experience, try having dinner in Morocco. Marrakesh (Marrakesh Restaurant Dinner Menu - Morocco - Epcot) isn’t all that adventurous. It’s great food and the belly dancer is fun. After dinner, find a good viewing spot in Japan for IllumiNations. Then, after the fireworks, walk real slow out of the park. You might even find a place to sit and chat for a while. Being one of the last to leave the park is kinda neat. All the crowds are gone and Epcot is actually a very pretty park.

That’s my two cents.


Thank you everyone! Seriously! This is a lot of help! Thank you again. :peterpan: