Questions about studios at BWV


Well, mainly just about the kitchen. I’ve seen the photos of the BWV studios on, but its hard to tell if they have the same mini-coffee makers that are in the regular rooms, or are they normal sized? Also, since we are DVC members, we don’t get the daily housekeeping who usually provides the coffee, so do they initially start you out with enough to last the week? We are BIG coffee drinkers in the AM and usually drink about 1 mini pot each in the morning, but housekeeping always replenishes it. I’m concerned that what they leave us won’t be enough.
We’re doing a grocery stop, and I will pick up some coffee if its a normal sized coffee maker, but if its a mini, I don’t think they sell the individual packets. Can anyone help me with caffeine-addicted questions?
Also, is the fridge in the studio just a mini as well? Meaning there isn’t much of a freezer?
Thanks in advance!:blush:


We’ve stayed many time at BWV. The coffee maker is normal size. They have a starter pack for coffee. We bring our own coffee. You can also buy it down stairs, prices are reasonable. Your going to love it!!! Have a great time.



There is also a frig in the room. Decent size, plenty of room.


When we stayed at the BWV we did the refillable mugs and got our coffee every morning, or a few times a morning downstairs. I remember the coffee being very good.


We take two pounds of Dunkin Donuts regular coffee when we go… just in case. The thought of not having enough each morning is too horrible! LOL

At BWV, the other alternative is to race over to the Bakery, which has great coffee. If only we could do that in our pjs!


Great, so its a regular sized coffee maker? That’s good, because I know the “starter pack” will SO not be enough for us. We’ll bring our own, and since its normal sized, we don’t have to worry about getting special packets. Thanks!