Questions about Thanksgiving in Disney!


I believe I read awhile ago that it is busy around Thanksgiving. If I remember correctly, I read that it is busy the week coming up to Thanksgiving Day, and then it is very quiet afterwards. But, my memory might be wrong. So, my question is…when is it busy around Thanksgiving? Is it the week up to Thanksgiving Day, or is it right after Thanksgiving, or is it busy both! hahaha
Thanks for your help!


I was only there once for Thanksgiving in 2008. We arrived the Saturday before Thanksgiving and left the Sunday after. I found the weekend following Thanksgiving to be REALLY crowded! That’s when all of the holiday festivities are officially kicked off. Leading up to Thanksgiving was crowded, but definitely manageable. HAVE FUN! :happy:


We’ve been there several times during Thanksgiving week and the week after. I think it’s busier now, but the week up to the day before Thanksgiving was good. Starting Thanksgiving day through Sunday is very crowded. Then on Monday after, it gets really quiet. No lines, no waiting. As I said before, I think it’s busier now but still the week after is one of the slower times of the year.


We went for Thanksgiving a few years ago and found the week leading up to thanksgiving to be not crowded, but the the weekend was very busy. That year the Osborne Lights and Candlelight Processional didn’t start until the Sat. after Thanksgiving. We loved going that time of year although a few nights it was in the 30’s!!! Brrrrr - I think that was unseasonable for that time of year though.


Okay, so by the responses, I guess I remember wrong. hahaha
So, it seems that it is less busy the couple of days before Thanksgiving.
Thanks!!! :happy:


We def. found it to be less crowded the week prior to Thanksgiving and very crowded on and after. It seemed to slowly pick up Wednesday and got worse from there. One other thing, we purposefully stayed until the Tuesday AFTER Thanksgiving thinking that Monday would be free sailing…NOT SO! We couldn’t believe how busy it was! In the past, this wasn’t the case:pinch:


Was it horrible the days after? or was it bearable?? Just wondering!


i imagine the cost of the airfare was astronomical