Questions concerning dress attire on the DP


Hi, we will be at WDW in two weeks. We are on the Dining Plan and have made several reservations at nice restaurants. Will it be appropiate for us to wear nice shorts and a nice shirt at the sit down restaurants or should we dress “less casual”. We will be eating at Chief Mickeys, The Boathouse at PO, Concource Steak House, Ohana, Alfredo’s at Epcot and Wisper. Canyon. Thanks, Dawn


Hi Dawn - all of the places you mentioned have a casual dress code - you can wear whatever you would wear in the parks. The only place you need to dress up for to my knowledge is Victoria and Alberts (there may be one or two others) but none that you have mentioned. Have a great time!!! :heart:

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I agree, you will just fine at all of those places in what you would wear to the parks.


Yeah, what they said! Don’t stress about the dress code. You’re on VACATION!!!
Welcome to DC and have a great time! Don’t forget to post a trip report when you get back!


Welcome to DC! Like they said. Don’t stress about dress codes. Many people have been in the parks all day and don’t have a chance to go back to their resort to change - so you see all the same clothes in the restaurants as you do in the park.


The only 2 restaurants that I know of that have a dress code are Victoria and Albert’s and Jiko.


Everyone else has answered your question, so I’m just taking this opportunity to say Welcome to DC!!! You’ll have a great time here


Welcome to DC! We’re annoyingly addictive!!

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Welcome to DC! You don’t even need “nice shorts and a nice shirt”. Casual shorts and Disney t-shirts are our usual attire, and it’s not a problem.


When doing the Dining Plan, men are required to wear a tux and women are required to wear a cocktail dress. Oh, sorry, that’s formal night on the Grand Princess. Feel free to wear shorts and tee shirts to almost every place at WDW. Get this straight, you have 30,000 people on vacation in a place that is usually warmer than 80 degrees and adds in 80% humidity. It’s almost a uniform. Victoria and Albert’s does however have a real dress code. Narcoossee requests that gentlement wear a collared shirt, golf shirts are what they hope for. They don’t seem to mind tee shirts either, but kind of prefer they be unprinted. Again though, this is probably the single largest vacation destination in the world and the prefered mode of dress is resort casual. What is frowned upon are cut offs, overly frayed clothes, and thong bikinis. Footwear is required too.


There is a dress code, and my observation was that it was completely ignored. “Signature Dining” (2 table credits) have a “business casual” dress code.

(info stolen from
Attire considered appropriate by this dress code is:
• Dress shorts
• Dress pants
• Jean pants
• Collared shirts
• Blouses
• Sweaters

Attire not permitted by this dress code is:
• Hats
• Swimsuits
• Swimsuit cover-up’s
• Tank tops
• T-shirts
• Torn clothing
• Flip-flops

These are the restaurants where it is requested (but doesn’t seem to be enforced or even acknowleged):
Artist Point
California Grill
Flying Fish Cafe
Yachtsman Steakhouse


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As previously mentioned, some of the restaurants at WDW encourage a dress code, but YOU WILL BE FINE at all the places you mentioned in your park attire. I’ve eaten at all the places you mentioned (great choices by the way) and worn t-shirt and shorts to them all!

Have fun and welcome to DC! We will expect a trip report when you return! :mickey:


The only time I’ve ever worn a collared shirt to any WDW restaurant was Cali Grill, and two out of three times, it was my anniversary. Yes,I did actually have my tux with me in October, but it was more because we were doing a vow renewal than any dress code, though I did consider Victoria and Alberts. Just remember, although we’ve all worn tee shirts and shorts, they don’t approve of worn tee shirts and shorts :pinch:.


Welcome to DC! I am quite sure you will enjoy yourself here!


Welcome to Disney Central. Pleasure to have you here in the looney bin with us…lol AS everyone already mentioned casual is fine. I always take an afternoon break and shower and change before dinner. I like to look sorta nice for dinner. It’s not required I assure you. I have seen some seriously questionable attire at the restaurants…lol


Welcome to DC! If you are not disney crazy when you join you will be soon! :biggrin: :mickey:


My experience is sit down dining requires you be wearing only the finest in plastics…AMEX (green, gold or platinum), Visa or MC. :wink:

And like they said…Welcome to DC!


just go casual. Whenever my family and i have been to a nice restaraunt down in WDW, we just wear our park clothes and maybe some warm layers in case it gets chilly in the evenings. But enjoy yourselves!


Ain’t that the truth!? You forgot to add the plastic room key! That’s my favorite!!!