Questions for all star resorts


Hello to everyone. Have a trip booked to All Star Music first week of December YAY! A couple of quesions. One, I realize the rooms have small refrigerators which is a good thing. Wondering if quarts or 1/2 gallon milk are available at this resort. Also, how much of an inconvenience is haveing a wheelchair or scooter? There may be a couple of people in party of 10 needing these items.


I don’t remember seeing any larger containers of milk when we have been there. Just the individual sized. Are you driving a car? There are several stores just off property that would have them.


no, not driving. will see how things go. thanks for the reply


it is actually not if you happen to have side by side rooms especially on the ground floor you can charge your scooter outside of your room. My wife because of her back has to have a scooter every trip and we have been able to adjust very nicely with having to have one. That being said I can say you may want to give yourself just a little more time to get on a bus in case there are several others with scooter ahead of you. Since, a bus can usually only accommodate either only 2 or perhaps 3 at a time.


We always buy half gallons of milk at the resorts and they fit nicely in the refrigerators. I’ve never stayed at any of the All Star resorts but I’m sure they have the same half gallons that all the other resorts have.