Questions for INGAMBA


I tried to do this the other day but got bumped off and lost the entire message. I have a few questions re Coronado Springs for you.

  1. Even though you requested Cabanas 9B you said they gave you Castitas. We’re requesting Cabanas 8A to be close to main pool and bus stop. Were you pleased with your location anyway?

  2. Did you get a chance to spend time exploring CSR and the Dig Site? How did Jack like the play area? We have a 2 DSs, 6 & 13, who will probably want to swim every day.

  3. Is it really that long of a walk around the lake to get from Dig Site over to food area?

  4. Did you eat at the food court and use your counter service meal there? Was it worth it?

  5. Do you know the order in which the busses start out in the morning? Which stop is first?

  6. If there were any conventions going on did you even notice if it was any more crowded than any other resort?

  7. Did you use the ME and airport check in/boading passes from CSR on your departure day?

I know it’s a lot of questions. Your TR was wonderful. Any comments or suggestions about CSR to share? Thanks!!!


Hey, cubby… we need to write our TR so people ask us stuff too… :happy:

(We got back before Ingamba did and we haven’t even started our TR. :blush: But we made notes in the Passporter every day so we could write it as well as remember our adventures better…)

we never did write that one for the May trip either


Hi CathysCat! I’ll be happy to answer your questions as best I can. I’ll answer each one in a separate post so that the response won’t be too confusing, and also because this way, I can shamelessly jack up my post count :tongue:


Shamelessly jack up your post count??? I’m shocked iguana…SHOCKED!!! :wink:


I didn’t mind Casitas 3 at all. It was very close to the quiet pool, a pretty short walk to bus stop 2, and a moderate walk to El Centro and the restaurants and gift shop. I found the room to be quiet and the grounds around the Casitas was very nice.


We did take some time exploring CSR. The Dig Site area was cool! There was a kiddie pool for real little kids, and then a huge main pool. The main pool never really got that deep, but it was huge, and had a really cool slide that wasn’t just for kids, in fact, I really enjoyed it myself. Your DS’ will really like the Dig Site, I’m sure.


I may even go down the water slide. We didn’t want to waste a day at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach just for water slides since the one at the Dig Site looked big enough. And we surely didn’t need the wave pool at TL since we got the real waves all summer at the beach just minutes away. Did you get a chance to see the Cabanas 8 building area? We paid for water view room so I thought it would be a nice view from that area looking out at the lake.


It kind of is, yeah. Well, I guess “long walk” is relative. It’s not all THAT long. But I’d say 8-10 minutes? It’s a nice walk though. Just keep Lago Dorado on your right and you’ll cross over a little bridge, go past the Cabanas and the boat/bike rental, and then on to El Centro and Pepper Market and The Maya Grill.


Thanks. An 8-10 minute walk is nothing, compared to the 10-12 hour walk in the parks all day!


I did eat at The Pepper Market. I wasn’t all that impressed with it to be perfectly honest. It’s kind of a unique set-up they have there. You are seated, as if it were a sit down, and you go and get your food like it’s a buffett. But it does count as a CS, and yes, I used my dining plan. And thank the heavens above that I did, because that place isn’t cheap!

All in all, I’d say, it’s worth going for lunch or breakfast in a pinch, but only if you’re on the DP. I wouldn’t pay those prices. And don’t expect anything fantastic-it’s decent at best.


Plus it is not strictly Disney-run. We never got the sense of that Disney niceness from most of the people there – a couple of them were nice, one server in particular, but many were much, much less friendly than Disney standard.


I agree David. I found the service and friendliness level to be adequate at best. You could tell they weren’t true CM’s.


Cathy - I just wanted to put my 2 cents in here! :tongue: My DH, DS3 and I stayed here in October. I don’t know if the food is different now or what - I mean Ingamba and I have pretty similar tastes in food but my family really loved the Pepper Market. My husband had the t-bone with great veggies and a baked potato like 3 times and the Mexican food selections there were great, I thought. You can also get sandwhiches made to order. It is a bit pricey but I thought the food was great…so…anyway…just my opinion! Can’t wait to hear what you think! :wub:


Since I’m good freinds with Andrew I will just cut right into this thread! Hope you don’t mind - he dosen’t…so… :whistling We stayed in Cabanas - it was really close to the main pool area with a little beach right out front. It was a GREAT location. Close to everything. Also - the main pool is wonderful. My DH and I did the slide as did our son and it was a blast! We almost never do the water parks anymore - I doubt you will miss it. There is so much to do at CSR. We would stay there again in a heartbeat! :wub:


(I did suggest to the nicer server – did you know they only get one day off a week there? (or so she said) – that she might want to look into becoming an actual Disney CM, that they have great benefits and such, and that with her attitude she could really do well in that.)


You know, when my DH and I were in actual Mexico :tongue: - the service staff at our resort worked like that. Six, sometimes even 7 days per week. Also, they worked such long hours. It was nothing to get our coffee in the morning from the same guy who was working the lunch buffet and then bringing you drinks at dinner!


This is a tricky one. We tried to figure this out as well. Maybe someone does know the schedule and bus stop order.

One thing we did figure out was that busses with different destinations did the loop in a different order. For example, an MK bus might stop at bus stop 1 first and an Epcot bus may stop at bus stop 2 first. This is just an example. One thing I do know is that DtD busses stop at bus stop 1 first. So if you’re at bus stop 1, and want to get closer to your building but don’t feel like walking, you could wait for a DtD bus to take you to your stop.

Keep in mind that even if a bus picks you up at the first stop at CSR and then makes stops at all the rest, it still won’t take you more than 10 minutes to leave CSR property.


Thanks, everyone, for all the expert advice. We just got some confirmation papers in the mail today with all the requests we made: room on 2nd floor of Cabanas, water view, non-smoking. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s available when we get there.


How would you compare CSR to POFQ? (or POR) Which one would you pick for your next trip if you had to choose between the two?


I’ve stayed at both. I would say that both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. One thing that comes to mind is that CSR doesn’t share bus service with any other resort. POFQ does share with POR.

POFQ has boat service to DtD, and CSR doesn’t. But CSR is very close to DAK.

As far as the resorts themselves go, I really think I’d stay at POFQ again before staying at CSR. I did like them both, but I think I’d give the slight edge to POFQ.