Questions on tickets?


we are going to seven night . usually we buy the hopper pass. I was doing research and found we could buy a ten day alot cheaper then the seven day hopper… my question is is this allowed could i buy the extra days and use them as hoppers… will have three extra days… could i use them to " hop " we thought about it and we usally only hop three days or so… once we get to magic kingdon we stay there. also epcot … we usally hop on MGM days and on AK days… we are doing the extra magic hours for ak as it is jsut too hot for dh… so want to go to another park earlier that day…
what do you all think?


No, you can’t use two days in one day to hop, sorry.


that is a good thought, too bad it isn’t allowed.


thanks didnt think so but thougth no harm in asking>:frown:


No, I thought of that too and called to ask. No, sorry to say. Wish it was allowed.


What a bummer. I would of thought it was allowed, but I guess that would be cheaper than buying the hopper add-on and people would do that instead.




I assume you are not a FL resident – if you happen to be the seasonal pass is about the same price as a 7 day non-hopper, and it’s a hopper (of course, you’ve the the pesky residency restrictions and blackout dates…)