Hey do you know if I can purcahse a dining plan with magic your way park hopper pass without having to purchase a vaction package or book a room. Or do you have to book a room to get the dinning plan? Also my family and I want to visit WDW the week after Christmas this year do you think there are still rooms available for this time or did we wait to late? I know there are quite a few questions but any help or advice I could get would be great. Thanks ya’ll.


There are two ways to get the dining plan.

  1. Book a Magic Your Way package that includes your resort room and park passes. The dining plan is based on the number of nights on your reservation, but your park passes can be anywhere between 1 and 10 days.

  2. Stay at a DVC resort using points. You can then add the dining plan for the length of your stay.

Those are the only two ways to get it, there are no other options at the moment.

From what I have seen, just about everything is sold out between Christmas and New Year’s. If you are going, I would do something ASAP. And if you are going, I would strongly suggest staying on site. The last couple of years, Magic Kingdom has been closed just about every day that week. It reaches capacity early in the day, and the only way to get in is if you are staying on site (it is possible they may also close it to resort guests, but it almost never happens).