Queue Lengths Today


As I am going to WDW very soon I was curious of how long the queues were at the parks today, does anyone know?


I’m not sure what it is today but if you are visiting WDW in May you will not be disappointment. We have gone several times during this month and not only is the weather ideal but the queue for the rides are very manageable. We never waited more than 20 minutes for any ride.


I think it is supposed to be scary today. I’m not venturing close until Sunday.


Hope it will calm down for Saturday!


Is it still crazy from Spring Break/Easter holidays???

It should be calming down soon - I know that I’m no longer blacked out after the 21st…

so, I bet those crowds will be calm next week.


I always try to avoid the week before and after Easter. DW and I are going on a short 3 day trip starting this Sunday the 23rd. I hope the crowds are down by then.


Hope the crowds lighten up for you and your trip is crowd free. PLease post a report when you get home. I would love to hear about your trip.


DW and I will be heading to Epcot on Friday for the first day of the International Flower & Garden Festival and probably will hop over to MGM for dinner at Hollywood & Vine. I’ll post how the crowds are at those two parks.


I am so jealous of all you FLA people who can pop on over to WDW! :wink:


Yeah, just doesn’t seem fair, does it? :laugh:


I agree with Erin, now that Easter and spring break is over the crowds should be very managable. Have fun. :tongue:


Are you going on Sunday? We will be!!! I think we are going to Epcot.


Maybe Catfish1999 and I will bump into ya Sunday
Thats in our plans too!


:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: That would be fun. I will have my DC pin on my EE lanyard.


I’ll have my Off Kilter hat :tongue:


As promised, DW and I were at Epcot yesterday for the opening of the F&G Festival and it was quite crowded – at least until a long, steady rain rolled in around 4:15 or so and chased a lot of people away. I suspect a lot of locals like us came out on a Friday afternoon for the festival.

More of a factor than the crowds, though, was the heat. Somebody apparently ordered July heat and humidity in April because it was pretty brutal. The outside temperature according to my car’s thermometer was 91 and sitting outdoors for an hour listening to Paul James’ gardening presentation was an exercise in sweating.

Later we went to MGM for dinner at Hollywood & Vine and were surprised at how small the crowd was. Of course the rain probably thinned out the MGM crowd, too.


Crowds on Saturday were quite manageable at MK :slight_smile: … Longest queue I saw all day was 50 minutes for Splash Mtn. Of course it also decided to rain all afternoon so that may have had something to do with it.


I just got back from a quick 5 day trip to WDW and must say I was surprised how short the lines were. Yes, the lines were longer than in May, but not nearly as bad as I expected. We arrived on Tuesday and left on Saturday and the longest line we waited in was 60 minutes for Everest. Most lines we waited in were about 15 minutes long and very managable.