Quick 3-day trip in early April


Well, we’re back.

We just got back (4/10/2011) from our 3-day trip. Just to let you know how things went…well, I’m probably not a good judge of crowds as I think that no matter when you can go, WDW will always be crowded. It’s sometimes frustrating as there always seems to be someone that wants to be in the exact spot your in at the same time. :blink: During our trip, we visited HS, MK, AK in that order. We left out EP as we were only there for three days. There were a lot of high school students that were there apparently on “band trips”. Most seemed to be well-behaved as far as teens go. We made the most of our fast passes and were able to do everything we wanted and them some. Most lines seemed to be tolerable with waits throughout the day usually around 30min with exception of Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, but with fast passes we were easily able to ride these attractions multiple times. Here’s the deal…more and more school systems are detaching Spring Break from Easter. It’s very sad, but true. I fear eventually, if not already, that March and April will be high traffic months with the attendance prior to and after Easter leveling out somewhat. No more will there be “good times” to visit in March or April. My best guess is that crowds were somewhere around 7-8 out of 10 each day we where there.


Day 1: HS

  • RnR, 4x
  • ToT, 3x
  • TSM, Backlot Tour, LMA, Muppets 3D, GMR, Fantasmic, 1x
  • Meet Sorcerer Mickey, Mr and Mrs Incredible, Mike and Sulley.

Day 2: MK

  • Space Mtn, 4x
  • PotC, 2x
  • Most other rides 1x
  • Met Alice and the rabbit (they rode the tea-cups at the same time we did :cool:), Aladdin and Jasmine.

Day 3: AK

  • EE, 5x
  • Dinosaur, 2x
  • Most other rides, 1x
  • Met Flick (1st time ever)

We have 3 days left on our tix, so we’ll be going again at some point. That may very well be our last though. I think WDW has already seen the best of us.


Yes, our spring break was last week! Sounds like you were able to get a lot of attractions in, despite the crowds.


Sounds like you made the most of your three days- and I think you’re right, there is never a quiet time at WDW- quieter times, but it’s never quiet there is it. Thanks for your mini TR!


glad you were able to enjoy your time even with the crowds!


Glad you had a good time and made the most, we did the same thing in March and will be going back in April.


Sounds like you had a great time! I have never done a ride/attraction but once per trip! How fun to go on your favs multiple times!


Sounds like you got a lot done in 3 days. If you plan correctly, it is possible.


Looks like you made really good use of your time there. It helps so much knowing how to use the FP system. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!


Did you do staying from opening to closing type days? It would seem to get that many fast passes for the big rides, you would have had to be in the park for an entire day.


Wow Did you get off and get right back in line? Great job! Looks like you made great use of the short time.
Thanks for sharing.


Almost. We stayed from opening 'til closing at HS on the 1st day, opening 'til 10pm at MK on the second day (closed at 12am), and opening 'til 5pm at AK on the third day (closed at 7pm).
It was a lot of walking back and forth across the parks to take advantage of FPs. It takes days to get over it too. :blink:

[QUOTE=Tinkerbella;1072855]Wow Did you get off and get right back in line? Great job! Looks like you made great use of the short time.
Thanks for sharing.[/QUOTE]
No. We would ride, FP it, then walk and wait in line for something else. Then possibly repeat if we wanted.

One other thing that had never happened to us before was we got a “Surprise Fastpass” for Mickey’s Philharmagic when getting FPs for Peter Pan although we didn’t really need them as wait times for Philharmagic were negligible.