Quick Artist Point Question


Artist Point being a WDW “fine dining” restaurant offers a very nice menu that I already printed from AllEars. I did not notice if they have offer a nightly/weekly special as most fine dining restaurants do.

So the question…

Does Artist Point offer specials that are not on their regular menu?

Thanks a bunch!



I did read this on Allears…

“Johnny went over the menu and specials with us and we had a difficult time deciding what to eat. The menu evolves and changes with the seasons to ensure that the freshest ingredients are available…”


As I recall, the last time we dined there were two specials - but I don’t remember what they were…in any case I just go for the planked salmon. (try the berry cobbler for dessert!:wub: )


Thank you for resolving my curiosity!



Not sure about the specials but my aunt and uncle ate here on their trip three weeks ago and she said that the meal she had there (salmon) was one of the best she’s had in her life. She is no stranger to eating fine food either so it was high praise coming from her.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your meal there!