Quick Birthday Quesion


Dec. 7 is my wifes Bday and we will be in Disney at that time. I wanted to have a cake with dinner at Le Cellar but they are 100% booked. Mickey said there are three place that do this amd have openngs but none of them are even close to our cup of tea, way to “puffy” for us, they are Alfredo’s, Spoodles and Flying Fish. My Question is are there any other places Disney, Non Disney or even some place at Busch Gardens or Sea World that would be a nice place for us to celebrate her Birthday, even with no cake? I really do not want to go to a chain place like Ruby Tuesdays or something. Just need some sugestions. Thanks :crying:

I am going to have Flowers and Ballons delivered by Disney Florists but that is it so far.

BTW: I had to block her access to DC by way of my router to her computer so she would not see this question, she never posts but does look alot.


I bet Rose & Crown would be fun, and Biergarten is ALWAYS fun! Neither of them are stuffy, and I really like the food at both (especially the mushroom appetizer at R&C and the pretzel rolls at Bergarten!).
If you would like to be a little more romantic, maybe try the Bistro de Paris… you can have a lovely French meal (it is the least stuffy of the two France restaurants!) some nice wine, and then go outside for fireworks!


Don’t forget to tell us at Check In!! We love celebrating birthdays!


Just so you know…Spoodles is in NO way “puffy” or stuffy. It’s pretty casual.


Why not Momma’s, Portabello’s, O’hanna’s? These are three off the top of my head that I can think of. I had my Dd’s birthday at O’hanna and she had a Hawaiian serenade and a cake. It was perfect and by no means stuffy.


I have decided that I will play it by ear when we get down there. I will try and get a AP at Ohanas, if not I will try another place. Thanks for all the suggestions. As for spoodles, I looked at the menu on allears and really did not see anything she would like for eat, she is very picky when it comes to eating.

  I did order Flowers, Balloons, and Chocolate to be delivered to the room on that day, just hope they show up as it was rather expensive, but she is worth it.  She was just fired from her job @ Wal*Mart after @ 5 years as she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and they would not help her deal with the debilitating muscle disease.  As we all know Wal*Mart is a disease on society and the way it treats it's slaves is despicable.


I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope she recovers from this disease and starts to feel better real soon. As for Wal-Mart, well, I’ve never worked there, but let’s just say that I’ve heard some less than stellar things about the working conditions there too.


I know how terrible this disease is. An aquiantance suffers from it. I hope your wife can get comfortable.
Walmart, what can I say, I am not surprised. Not a place I frequent. Too bad that they couldn’t surprise us with another solution to your wife’s problem :dry:


Goodings Supermarket is across the street from Hotel Plaza Blvd (which is across the street from DTD). Their website is having problems right now, but they may deliver a birthday cake to your room. I believe there is a restaurant in that area called Pebbles. Perhaps Goodings will deliver the cake to the restaurant.

I also think Disney may deliver the cake directly to your room. Perhaps you could watch the electrical pageant from the beach of the Grand Floridian and get an employee to surprise your wife by bringing it out?

Here is a site for some Disney designs.

I realize it is very expensive (out of my personal budget), but perhaps you want to consider a specialty cruise.

While this is geared to kids, here are some other Disney birthday suggestions.

Go to a craft store and purchase an inexpensive basket. Fill it with some favorite treats, a Disney stuffed animal, etc. and ship it to your hotel so it will be there waiting when you arrive. She’ll never expect it! (Much cheaper than the Disney florist baskets).

While it is expensive, I’ve heard great things about this company.

I hope I gave you some ideas from both ends of the money spectrum!