Quick clothing question


I know I sould be all over this, but… our forecast is now saying 66-70 degress for the high each day of our trip, with some rain expected at times. :pinch:

What would you pack? Looks like shorts and bathing suits may not even be on the list! :crying:

Are long-sleeved shirts and a fleece jacket enough for this? We have ponchos for the rainy periods… :confused:


Don’t rule out the shorts and bathing suits. Most resort pools are heated. 70 degrees is warm enough to wear shorts. Dress in layers, then you will alway be comfortable. Maybe a fleece with short sleeves underneath or those convertible pants that zip off legs for the boys.

You know your comfort level. Just remember, FL weather can change rapidly, and forecasters aren’t always accurate.

No matter what, have a great time.


MissD, when we went to WDW in December, I packed for just about anything. My DS loves the pants with the zip-off legs and they were perfect. I only packed a few pairs of shorts for my kids, mostly capris, khakis and jeans for DD. I packed lots of layers, t-shirts, long sleeve t’s, and fleeces.
I packed our ponchos but we never needed them.


So true Florida weather can sure change quickly. Remember to bring an extra pair of tennis shoes. Just in case one pair gets wet. Although, a little tip my cousin told me. If a pair of shoes(tennis shoes) get wet, put newspapers inside the shoes. She says it works… I believe I tryed it once, and the shoes were dry when we got up the next morning. But , my DH and I always bring 2 pairs of tennis shoes with us… Good luck!!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


Miss disney I live about an hour and half away from Orlando and to me its been very cold I have been wearing jeans and long sleve shirts or sweatshirts I also have been wearing sweats Last year at this time it was warm enough to wear shorts but this year its been too cold for me to wear shorts I would bring a pair or two just in case you could but I `would bring a majority or warmer clothes


That’s pretty much the weather we had in December. I wouldn’t rule out shorts. 70 in Florida is definitely warm enough for shorts. But we did have a pretty nice selection of jeans and sweatshirts with us too. I’d say split the packing half jeans and sweatshirts and half shorts and t-shirts.


That was our weather for trips this past December and January. We brought a lot of layering clothes, so that we could peel off and/or add as the day went on. We stuck with jeans (or trousers that could be rolled into capris), and then wore a couple of thin, long-sleeved shirts over a t-shirt on top. I also brought a fleece zip-up jacket just in case we didn’t get back to the hotel before the nighttime temps hit. I think those springtime temps are perfect! I love them!


I have a lightweight fleece jacket, plus short-sleeved and long-sleeved Tshirts. Jeans and sneakers. The kids will do the same… I hope the fleece is good enough for the fireworks and other late-night stuff. I hate to be cold!!!

Plus, I got extra ponchos at KMart, just in case! I love them… and at 99 cents each, you can toss them at the end of the day!


I’ve been wondering the same - kind of - thing.
Packing for a whole year but I only get two cases to do it in, so I have to sob cut my wardrobe in sniff half! :crying:
But like, so I need to bring a full jacket? How many sweatshirts will I need? Lots of long pants? Having never even been to Florida I am totally clueless, I don’t want to bring ONLY tank tops and then end up being cold…


MissDisney - I don’t know where you’re at, but one thing to keep in mind… Those of us answering from FL or the South - we’re used to this weather. So, 65 may be cold and jacket weather for us, but t-shirt weather for you.

I’d bring an assortment. A nice, medium weight jacket and layering clothes. It’s FL - you’re bound to get everything in one day - except snow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pt, can’t you ship stuff to yourself?
Kip gives some good advice. When I visit friends in Fla (and yes, I do have some) they are wearing jackets while I am in shirt sleeves. I wouldn’t load up on the heavy stuff.


That’s a good point. 65 degrees is sweatshirt weather for me… If you get below 60, then I’m thinking jacket too… I HATE THE COLD!!! :pirate:


I am from Texas, but I live in New Jersey, which we call the Great White North! I get cold around September, and I don’t take my coat off until May!!!


I’m just like you girl. I wouldn’t even come out of the house from Sept - April if I didn’t have to go to work… Stupid North and it’s stupid cold… :angry:

We went to the June NASCAR race here in Dover…I think it was 2003, and we had to wear jeans and jackets… :eek: IN JUNE!!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!! I was so mad…


All I can tell you for sure is: better to carry an extra jacket with you than to be freezing your tush off! There were many nights in Dec and Jan that I went out with a short sleeved shirt and lightweight sweater in the morning and didn’t get back to the hotel change. Then I was seriously looking for something warm and expensive that I didn’t even need in the gift shops just to try to warm up!

In that real humid FL environment, the heat seems hotter and the cold seems frigid!



They have changed the forecast for our trip!!! Now it is saying 75 for the highs, with 55 for the lows!!! No rain in sight!!! Woooohooooo!!!


That is great! :happy: