Quick Dinner trip


I’m trying to decide where to eat for our one day trip next weekend. We’ll be splitting the day between Animal Kingdom and MGM, but we’re wanting to see the fireworks and parade at Magic Kingdom. I’m thinking of eating kind of early at California Grill or Whispering Canyon, and then hopping over to MK. Which of these restaurants/hotels would give us the easiest, quickest means of getting to the MK? We will have a rental car, but if we can use something else and leave the car parked, that would be nice. Any suggestions? Would it just be easier to eat somewhere in the MK? Thanks!


Well, if the choice is between California Grill or Whispering Canyon, I would DEFINATELY vote for Cali Grill! Not only is the food AMAZING but all the glass windows provide an AMAZING view and you have the FAST options of taking the monorail, a boat, or just walking to the MK from the Contemporary! Can’t beat that!!!


I would entertain other suggestions, if there are places that would be faster.


Well in that case, I would say Ohana then! You still get the convenience of the monorail but in my opinion its a more unique dining experience than Cali Grill.


I think the Wispering Canyon would be a good choice, and you could hop the boat over to the MK easily after dinner.


I’ll second 'Ohana. Aside from my oft-repeated issues with California Grill, we ended up having to wait over an hour to be seated despite our ADR. If you’ve only got one short day, you don’t want to spend that time waiting around for dinner.