Quick dinning advice!


I am making reservations today and I need your input for dinning at Hollywood Studios. I have seen so much great reviews about Mama Melrose in HS that I am considering booking there. Am I making the right decision or should I be looking else where. Please help!!!


Our family loves MM. It is our favorite place to eat at the Studios. We tried H&V once and did not like it. I think it would be a good idea to eat there. We have never been disappointed with our food there.


we just do counter service at studios (mgm, whatever)! then we can do the table service at a resort, or double on epcot day.

we did consider mama melrose, and would do it, if we did do a table service at that park!


We have not tried MM yet, but if are looking for a quick counter service, we are fans of the ABC Commissary. We have had consistently good food, small crowds, lots of seating, and reasonable prices. The only detractor is can be a bit loud and if you stay very long, the ABC commercials they show start to repeat.

Prezcatz Paul


We have eaten at 50’s Prime Time, Sci Fi, & Hollywood & Vine. I dont think anyone in our family was over impressed with H&V, however we greatly enjoyed the other 2.


We ate at MM and it was ok. Comparable to Olive Garden, if you are used to good Italian food, I would skip it! We will not be going back. We have so many excellent Italian restaurants near us, so for us it did not work!


I’ve never found a really enjoyable restaurant at MGM.

Brown Derby is over-priced and the food is so-so.

Prime Time Cafe serves quite good “comfort food”, but you’ve got to be up for all the craziness that goes along with it - not a good place for a quiet meal.

Sci-Fi Diner gets mixed reviews - but most people aren’t too keen

Hollywood & Vine - not the best buffet on WDW property

Mama’s also gets mixed reviews. I know people who LOVE it and people who don’t enjoy it at all.

None of the counterservice restaurants are that terrific either. I’d say the Commissary is “ok”.

I’d take the boat over to the Boardwalk and eat at Spoodles, Flying Fish, Big River Grille or the Cape May Buffet at Beach Club.


I think overall, I’d agree with Llama. The counter choices in the Studios are pretty poor. The most interesting one, The Flatbread Grill, has already been retooled to something less interesting with more pedestrian fare. Last time I saw the menu, all I wanted to do was make like a pedestrian and walk away. ABC and 50’s Prime Time don’t interest me. Hollywood and Vine isn’t bad, but with Playhouse Disney characters, I have no desire to return (I really wish they’d followed through with the Pixar characters like they’d originally announced). We did like Brown Derby, but it seems we usually don’t have time to sit down that long when we’re in the Studios. We did Sci-Fi years ago for lunch and felt it was OK. The menu looks like it’s been improved since them and perhaps we’ll return sometime this year. MM is way down on our list because DW doesn’t really like Italian food that much.
On the other hand, the collection of restaurants at the Crescent Lake(BW, BC/YC, Swolphin) resorts is outstanding.