QUICK, help me scale down my trip. I need your HELP!


If I’ve ever needed Mousebuzzer’s QUICK advice and honest opinions it’s right now…

OK, well believe it or not Wishy may be making some ‘cuts’ on special events booked for our trip in only 15 short days!! There is a great possibility we will be rebuilding our house come late spring and even though this may be the last time we’ll go to WDW for awhile it looks like it’s in my better interest to scale down some out of pocket expenses of this trip.

Sooo, even though I would be sad to see ANY of these things go, something’s gotta’ give. :tongue:

Here’s what’s up for debate:

  • Private Dining Experience at the Grand Floridian balcony w/ butler service, personalized menu, special dessert served during Wishes. (approx. $300 ‘soup to nuts’ including all gratuities and related expenses for the evening) & NO, I can’t adjust this package to make it cheaper, let’s assume ‘it is what it is.’ Either “do it” or "cancel.’

  • “Keys to the Kingdom” tour (lunch included, it’s a 4 hour tour) total with discount is $96.00 for 2 adults.

  • “Undiscovered Future World” tour (NO lunch included, 4 hour tour) total with discount is $78.40 for 2 adults.

I am having a REALLY hard time deciding what to do here. If we cancel the special dinner we can do both tours. If I cancel both tours we can do the one dinner.

SOMEBODY HELP ME!! We only have 15 days left and with the cancellation periods considered I only have about 10 days to make this choice. [biting nails] :mellow:


I would cancel the tour and possibly the dinner and save them for another trip. It’s not like you aren’t going back ever. Make the cuts to the “specials”. You have great meals planned…you don’t need the other stuff.


Wishy, I would love to imagine you and Daniel on the balcony with a great meal in front of you and a butler and all that. But wow $$$$ you can save it for so much other stuff… If you end up giving that one up, I will cook a great meal for you when you get back, and I will serve it to you on your patio by candlelight… for free! How about that?


Since I am not the romantic here, I would cancel the dinner.


I just canceled our Private Dining dinner - I couldn’t justify the cost. I was willing to pay 3x what the same meal would have cost at the Grand Floridian Cafe, but I was not willing to pay $75 + 18% gratuity for a butler. I thought that was a little ridiculous.


I also would cancel the dinner. It sounds devine, but for that kind of money I’d rather it go towards the house. Save it for an upcoming anniversary. :wub: I think you’d enjoy it more knowing your house is all done and beautiful.


Another vote here for putting it all towards the house, Jess.

You KNOW you’ll be going back to the World.

You KNOW getting the work done on the house is a major investment with long-term implications, regardless of whether you stay in the house or resell.

I’m all for special events, but I’d have to treat the house as the priority issue.


If not canceling all of them…I’d cancel the dinner:) You can always do that the next time. It’ll give ya something to look forward to;)


If it was me, I would save the dinner for another time, plus the epcot tour.
Keys to the kingdom is suppose to be awesome, and with lunch included…


I’m a little confused. So is everyone saying I should cancel all of them, or just the dinner? Daniel’s vote was for the dinner too b/c he’s never been in the utilidors, and even though I have, we both agreed that the MK tour would probably be exciting AND it includes lunch, which frees up a DPP credit to save some $ another day of the trip. I hate giving up that EPCOT one though too, it’s always been my favorite park and I feel like I know the least about it.

ugh! What to do?

It looks like the dinner is definately out :sad: That could buy us some dining room chairs or something in the new house, ya know? I know I am normally not this prudent and would say “go for it” but I’ve also never built a house before. :laugh: I’m totally willing to skimp wherever I can if it means Wishy’s dream house on the shore! :wub:


I’ll just invite you to the new house and you can cook me dinner, but you might have to bring your own chair 'cause we probably won’t have any furniture to put in it. :laugh: :laugh:

You are the sweetest. :heart:


I’m always the odd one out. I think you should keep the dinner. This is a once in a life time experience, and I venture to guess it will only get a lot more expensive as time passess. I don’t know much about the tours but I imagine they will always be there. It is a lot of money for the dinner, but if you’re in anyway like me, after kids there is no money for you,lol.
What ever you decide, have a great trip, and good luck with your house.



Cancel the dinner and one of the tours!!


I say DEFINATELY cancel the Dinner @ GF
and TOTALLY do the MK tour … it includes lunch…

Epcot tour??? Ehhhh I dont know… You could always do that another time???

Did you ever end up getting Daniel’s AP?


Skip the dinner and do the Magic Kingdom tour…I heard such wonderful things about that tour.


I agree. That’s what I would do.


IMO, cancel the dinner. Keep the Magic Kingdom tour. Perhaps cancel the second tour.


Wishy I am sending pixie dust your way so you can make your decission quickly. Dinner at GF will be there, but remodeling your house - that is going to take alot or time, and energy… so you have to reenergize do the MK tour… flip a coin about the epcot tour.


Me too, Wishy you should cancel the dinner and one of the tours. Your trip will still be so fabulous and you will be able to do that much more with your home.

Good luck on making your decision.


Wishy, definately cancel the dinner, it sounds lovely but it’s quite costly. Since you really want the Epcot tour and Daniel wants the MK tour, flip a coin to see which one you keep.