Quick Links link?!?


Hey, where did the “Quick Links” link go ?!?!?! :ohmy: And, more importantly, is it coming back? :huh:


Mickey’s working on it. There is another link with other things that are missing.
It’s titled “Did something change…”


What is the quick links link? Maybe I’ll use it when it comes back. :laugh:


mickey is obviously doing some work on the site. There have a been a few changes. You could always pm him and ask him if it’s coming back.:heart:


Or you could just look in your History and find a link to it… like I did. :tongue: :ninja:


pretty slick kip!:heart:


Sorry, something happened with one of the templates, and it messed up a few things. I hope to have it fixed in the morning.


No rush, thank you for answering my inquiry :happy:


mickey is the man…


Should be back now. The settings were right, I had to turn it off and back on again to get it all to work. Please let me know ASAP if it happens again.


:laugh: :laugh:
Yeah ! what is it ?