Quick Question about Kilimanjaro Safaris


What happened to the poachers’ jeep that used to drive past the ride vehicle in a semicircle? I haven’t seen it in a couple years. Does anyone else remember this? If so, does anyone know why they took it out?


Gosh - maybe that was a very first season thing:confused: - I’ve been going on the Safari since the second season and never remember that. Maybe it was a “trial” thing and didn’t work. Oh - and welcome to MB>


I don’t remember anything like this either.

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i don’t remember that at all either. The poachers jeep is still there but I don’t remember anything driving past the ride vehicle.


I’ve been visiting AK since it’s first year and I don’t remember a Poacher’s jeep that drive’s around the ride vehicle AT ALL. From as far as I can remember the Poacher’s jeep has always been in the same spot & the ride vehicle drives past it quite fast.


I don’t remember that at all from my trips. I do agree with WUAS, they usually go by pretty fast.

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I believe the first year the park was opened they use to have someone (CM) standing by the poachers jeep, with a rifle in hand, as if they had caught the poachers. Does anyone recall this?


We rode the Safari for the first time in 2003 and I don’t recall seeing anyone outside of the vehicle, or another jeep riding around.

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I don’t recall that either. That’s one CM job I wouldn’t want. :blink:


I actually do remember that, I believe, vaguely. Although, I don’t remember the poacher’s jeep ever moving.


I do remember that. I always thought what a boring job that was. Haven’t seen him in 3/4 years though. I would guess a budget cut.


It’s not that the jeep really drove completely around the ride vehicle, but that it drove past it, tangent to it, on a set course and then reset. It was like an animatronic, somewhat, like the moving mobster car in the Great Movie Ride. I recall distinctly seeing the headlights and hearing the engine noises coming from the jeep. Perhaps even gunshots. It was an awesome effect. Anyway, my brother [Baloo85] remembers when they had it like this, so unless we were both hallucinating…