Quick question- In Laws staying with us one night


We have reservations for GF from June 14-20. My in laws have determined they want to come and stay with us one night on the 18th. I called last night and asked the reservations line what it would take to add my in laws for that one night, and he said he could only add them the entire week. But, if I told them at the resort when we got there, they could set it up for them to stay. Great! No problem. However, I forgot to ask, how much would it cost for them to stay in our room one night. Any ideas?


Does your room have enough beds for 2 extra people? If not, you will have to get them their own room. If yes, then I think they charge like $15-20 per night for each extra adult in your room.


I believe the cost is $25 per adult over two at a deluxe resort.


We did the same thing last year when we stayed at the Polynesian . They charged I believe $50 per night to have 2 extra adults in the room.


Why tell them at all? IF your accomadations can cover the people - what’s the big deal?


I agree. If they dont need park tickets or DDP I wouldnt bother with it.


I’m with you Boss Mouse! I’m old. My grandchildren are old enough now to pay their own way so that means they choose to stay home. The important understanding of rules is that you learn their purpose. Once you understand that you can bend them without being abusive. Maybe you have to be old to really understand that. Anyway we have had my brother and his wife stay over a couple of nights with us, without checking them in, in the extra bed a few times and I still sleep at night without guilt. Like you say “No big deal”.


You could probably get away with not saying anything to the resort. However, if you are going to need an addional key or parking pass you for them then you may need to inform the resort.


Normally, I would be right on board with you, but I want the resort to give them room keys so they can get in wihtout us having to come back from the park to let them in. We will be in the park for Fantasmic when they get there and I am not coming back for that. I am assuming that if we let the resort know, they will get a room key when they get there.


other option would be to give them your room key just before they go back to the room. Of course if you are staying on an “extended park hours” then you would not be able to ride anything.


I am not positive, but I am pretty sure you have to be there when they check in to a reservation that is already in progress. (I was using a CM discount when I faced this situation, so that could have been why) but def. check it out if you plan to be in the park when they arrive!


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If you have to ask, you can’t afford it! :pirate: