Quick question!


I was having a discussion with my BFF this afternoon about transportation from park to park. I swear in the past we have taken a bus from one park to another. She swears that she had to go from a park to a resort to the other park!!! So…is there bus transportation from park to park to be able to park hop?


Yes, park to park. But it seems to me, a few yrs ago we were going from MK to DHS and we had to go to TT first and then bus over. Don’t know if that changed or not.


I think at some point in time, they tried sending us from a park to the TTC or a resort in order to get to another park but that didn’t last long. Thank goodness.

I remember when the TTC was a very active place for transfers of all kinds…


I think there is no more park to park buses… I think you have to transfer somewhere… Unless my memory fails me, in which case- I need another trip to FLA!


Really??? I could be wrong. The last few trips, we have stayed at BLT (walk to MK) and then BCV (walked to DHS or Epcot) so we hardly used transportation.

But the few times we park hopped, I would have thought park to park.


Oh dear…I’ve totally forgotten now!!! Maybe it still is that you need to go to a resort to get another park bus. I thought it was only for DTD.


I could completely be wrong on here as well… but I know for sure that we went to one park, decided to go to another… and they told us to go the DTD route… But we hopped on the first resort bus that came, and ended up going that way. But I thought that we did that only because we had to… I hate extra transportation, so we would have had to go something all mixed up for this… hmmmm…


Years ago when we went you couldn’t go park to park… had to go to a resort or the transportation area.


We need to go to disney just to get a definite answer, who wants to go with me? :laugh:


I’m in!!! Lol


I know when we were there last month, we saw two buses at Epcot picking up people to go to Animal Kingdom park.


DD & DGD went directly from Epcot to MGM via bus last Friday!


I’ll be there in a few days, but as of April, they were still running buses from park to park, the exception being all buses heading to MK from another park still terminate at TTC and you still have to transfer to monorail or ferry.
For MK from other parks, I’ve gone to the Contemporary and then walked or took the train.
I’ve taken the bus from Epcot to DHS in both directions many times.
Now, I know there had been a bus that ran from BB to Epcot most of the day, and that bus was also CSR’s Epcot bus. If it still runs, I don’t know.


Don’t forget MK to Epcot by monorail, and I think you can go Epcot to HS by boat.


…if they had just built the monorail to go all around " the world" it sure would be easier!!! Lol. That was the plan when they debued it at the NY Worlds Fair.


As of last summer when we were there you could go from park to park using Disney transportation. We have taken a bus from Hollywood Studios to Epcot more than once. We usually take the boat or walk but we have taken a bus when it was there waiting. Due to parking abuse you can’t go from a park to Downtown Disney but as far as I know they haven’t stopped park to park buses.

Look on the bus stop sign for the load area you need to go. Here’s a sign at Epcot with a HS bus stop.


Epcot and Animal Kingdom have buses that go directly to other parks. Hollywood Studios and the MK do not. For MK you have to go to the TTC and for DHS, you can boat to Epcot or go to the first resort that pulls up and transfer.


Dana, unless they have changed since May there is a bus from DHS to EPCOT. I had my son prove me wrong on this one. I told him there was no bus and he needed to take the boat or walk. He is not one to let me forget that one. He took a bus and rode TT a couple of times before we arrived on foot. Perhaps it varies with the seasons.


I’ve heard of that. Goes to the front of the park but had never tried it.

So now the question is, was the walk from DHS shorter than the walk from the bus dropoff to TT?:laugh:


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1139082]I’ve heard of that. Goes to the front of the park but had never tried it.

So now the question is, was the walk from DHS shorter than the walk from the bus dropoff to TT?:laugh:[/QUOTE]

That’s why I pointed out that he rode twice before we got there. Of course I did stop for a free water along the way. If you are headed to the front half of EPCOT the bus is the way to go.