Quick Serve Grand Floridian and Poly?


Are there quick serve restaurants at GF and/or Poly? And if so what are they?


There is at the Poly. It was ok. I have never stayed at the GF, so I do not know…


Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian on the first floor of the Grand Ceremonial House, next to the arcade.

Gulliver’s Grill at the Grand Floridian, across from the marina.


Quick correction, Gasparilla Grill, Gulliver’s is at the Swan. I heard Gasparilla is closing next month for a refurb though and they are giving access to the quick service at the Poly and have some more food at the pool bar too.

By the way, love your travel blog LittleMiss! Great to see the Atlanta Coke Museum.


My bad - got my Grills mixed up! :laugh:

Thanks for checking out my blog! :happy:


IMO, both are really great. GF has an excellent assortment of breakfast and lunch goodies!


Captain Cooks is one of the best quick service locations at any WDW resort hotel in my opinion. Its the only place you can get a Dole Whip outside of the park & they have great food.


Capt. Cooks isn’t bad food. Nothing “WOW,” but it is decent.


GF is a great resort, best I ever had, make sure you get a room with view of the castle