Quick Service Meal


Hi everyone,

My parents have decided they want to have their quick service breakfast at Epcot instead of at the resort one of the days we are there. Can anyone recommend the best places to have a quick meal breakfast at that park? Thanks!


I love sunshine seasons at Epcot.


The Sunshine Seasons food court at the Land has a quick service breakfast that is “decent” but surely not typical of Disney. It is a nice atmosphere and you can go straight to Soarin afterwards. I think the only negative I can really say is we have had our worst experiences there with rude people (pushing us, breaking in line, stealing our table, etc). Otherwise, good luck!


Yep, Sunshine Seasons!:happy:


Sunshine Seasons has great coffee and fresh fruit tarts. Wow, I love that place.


Wow! That was easy. A unanimous answer. Thanks!!


Sunshine Seasons is a wonderful food court, for any meal. The cinnamon buns are very yummy!


Jen, as a backup plan – if they find themselves at World Showcase and hungry for breakfast, and they don’t feel like making the walk to Living With the Land, the French patisserie has good coffee and pastries, and the Kringla bakery in Norway also has pastries.


We had a spontaneous breakfast at Kringla bakery on our last trip. The pastries are delicious!! I had a sweet pretzel which sounds iffy but was heavenly! - a sweet pastry in the shape of a pretzel with chocolate drizzles on top… :wub:


The Land, Norway and France are all great locations.

Is the Boardwalk Bakery a QS location?


Thank you so much! I have all of these written down as choices on our planning sheets. I’m sure my parents will be very grateful for the help!