Quick service must do


Okay I am buying the Quick service always got it free but this time paying. Anyways any places that are a must do get the best value.


I’m not sure about the best bang for your buck but we like Wolfgang Puck’s quick service and Earl of Sandwich at DtD. Fish and chips in the UK at Epcot is also a must do for us–yum!


Columbia Harbor House
Dessert in France and Norway (Pam considers it a meal)
Flame Tree
Nothing impressive


We LOVE the bakery in France, it’s a must do for us every trip. It sounds simple but the toasted ham and cheese croissant is so good, add a dessert and it’s a little taste of heaven.


Wolfgang Puck Express is delicious! I ate there for breakfast and lunch last week and left very full and very satisfied! The food is very flavorful and is not your hamburgers and chicken nuggets!

I also love Seasons in Epcot and Columbia Harbor House in MK.


It’s not a trip unless I get the lamb & chicken Schwarma Platter at Tangierine Cafe.


Earl of Sandwich- good choice, great quick food


:glare: You said that word again.

Can’t add much to what others have said. Love the cheese & fruit plate in France, served with a baguette. Add a glass of wine - magnifique!

Fish & chips in UK - take your lunch into the little Georgian square behind the shops and find a quiet bench.

Sunshine Seasons has lots of selections - lots of them healthy. The grilled salmon used to be my favourite. Wasn’t great last time, but maybe it was just an “off” day.

I could happily eat The Original at Earl of Sandwich everyday (extra horseradish sauce, please).

Wolfgang Puck Express shouldn’t be called “fast food”. Absolutely terrific salads!

Columbia Harbour House makes the best tuna salad sandwich EVER!

Is there anything better than a Dole Whip?

For dessert - a cloudberry cream horn from Kringla Bakery in Norway. I’ve never tried their sandwiches, but they do look intriguing. Maybe next trip.

In China the orange chicken from Lotus Cafe isn’t half bad - in fact it’s pretty darn good - and the portion is huge!

Yak & Yeti Counterservice is quite tasty - try to find a shady bench - the seating area is brutally HOT!

Opinions vary on Yakitori House (one long time member called it Yukitori), but the Japanese Gardens are an absolutely gorgeous, serene place to eat.

What’s the story on the pizza window at Via Napoli? Anyone?

I wish I could think of one good thing to say about HS - sadly, I can’t.


Awesome sounds like we all have the ame taste buds done all those just want to make sure I was not missing any. Oh yeah I should have asked for the best snack options as well. Thanks leaving in 60 days.


I agree with everyone else!

We love Columbia Harbor House in MK…tuna salad sandwich and clam chowder!! Sunshine Seasons in Epcot is also very good…great selection and healthy ones too.
In Hollywood Studios we love the Writer’s Stop. It’s so relaxing and has muffins, cinnamon rolls, and bagels. Perfect for a quick breakfast.


Not sure if it qualifies, but the little cantina across from the Mexican Pavilion is our all time favorite value meal. Try to get there a little before the fireworks start and sit at a table on the patio, make sure you get an unobstructed view.



A pretzel and a beer in Germany.


Quel surprise.:glare:

As mentioned - the Bookstop at HS does have very good coffee and the carrot cake cookies are TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS! So, that is one good thing about HS.


i agree with all that’s been posted, we love Sunshine Seasons, flame Tree, Earl, Wolfgangs ect. We have eaten at the quick service place in the Contemporary Resort and had a great sandwich and an even better cupcake! Their salads were good too.:wub:


What were we talking about? Why am I suddenly so HUNGRY???


I have done it on the last two trips and am doing it again in August. Here are me and DD’s favorite places:

Sunshine Seasons at Epcot
Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios
Wolfgang puck express at Downtown Disney
Our foodcourt at the resort!


The BEST snack option is Dino Bites in AK. They have an ice cream sandwich that is wonderful, made with scooped ice cream and homemade cookies.


Fish & chips in UK

Sunshine Seasons -we love that they have so many options. Everyone can find something they like:happy:

The Original at Earl of Sandwich in DTD is now a must every visit:happy:

Columbia Harbour House - love this little gem.

Also love the bakery in France:wub:

Dole Whips:heart::heart:

Flame Tree at AK - love the BBQ chicken salad.

I’ve never had a counter service meal at HS that was anything to write home about:huh:


Either Wolfgang Puck, Sunshine Seasons, chicken or ribs at Cosmic Ray’s are all good bang for the buck.
Earl of Sandwich because the sandwiches are good, but not hard on the pocket if you’re paying out of pocket.
I’m sure there’s others, but nothing really comes to mind. Perhaps Mara at AKL and Roaring Fork at WL.


I would second the Yak & Yeti counterservice in AK,as well as the Anandapur Tea Company (at least I think that’s what it is called, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) great coffee/tea and danish for a quick breakfast.

We also like Cosmic Rays in the MK, lots of choices there too.

Starring Rolls is ok in HS, but it always seems sooo crowded when we get there.

I am bound and determined to get to the bakery in France this summer, as well as sample at least one of the pastries available at Kringla bakery.