Quick service plan and Coronado Springs


I have booked a week in September 2010 for the Coronado springs with the quick service dinning plan . However on the flyer from Disney.com the resort isn’t listed as a place where I can use the plan.! Help
Have I booked a dud?


Pepper Market isn’t Disney-owned, and they just haven’t signed a contract yet. A lot of places wait until the last minute. Don’t worry until 2010 actually starts and they’re still not on the Dining Plan- which is very unlikely. :flowers:


The 2010 DDP doesn’t include the CSR restaurants but don’t be alarmed because WDW didn’t included them on the 2009 DDP until 1/2/09.


Thanks I was concerned that I might have to walk up to that McDonalds ever morning for a egg muffin


I posted a thread about the exclusion of restaurants on the 2010 DDP about a week ago. I have since learned that many restaurants won’t officially join the plan until the end of the year, so chances are you will be fine.