Quick Silver is the best!


We have used Quick Silver many times over the years, and have praised them and recomended them to many people. I had an experience the other day that just reinforced that even more. In a nutshell, I left my cell phone in the Escalade after being dropped of at the resort. It was almost midnight at the time. I left a voice mail at the office as it was closed, and called early in the morning. My phone had been found and was returned to my resort early the next day. The honesty and integrity of the drivers who work for Quick Silver are second to none!! More of a believer than ever in their service.


That is so awesome!! Way to go Quicksilver!


Glad to hear! Quicksilver used to show up in glowing comments on MB before the days of Magical Express, and I always wondered how the new Disney buses were affecting Quicksilver business. I hope such a great company is still doing well!


I’ll absolutely second that. When I’m getting limo or towncar service, I always use them. We had a similar experience and their drivers are always super nice and go out of their way to be helpful.


It’s always heartening to hear of companies that give great service. Glad you got your phone back. Yes, ME is great, but there’s something so nice about getting into a towncar at the end of a long trip.


Have never used ME. We either use Quicksilver, rent a car (not often) or get picked up and dropped by a friend of ours that lives in the area. When I get off of a plane, the last thing I want to do is sit on a bus. I want to get to the resort and start to play right away. Not possibly hit 2 or 3 resorts before I get to my destination. For us, it is worth the extra $$$.


Thank you so much for the nice words of support.

We are very glad you have always enjoyed our services.

Hope to see you back soon.


Gregory Nicolas.